Aberdeen Meeting

Just to confirm guys, we are going to make the meeting on Sunday the first of April (no jokes please) at 11 am, meeting at a spot in Duthie Park Aberdeen, will try and secure a spot at the far end away from the play park area. Hope we get a few cars there!

I know there is a fair amount of interest in getting a few of us together, at last we seem to be seeing a few GTO’s around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. In the future it would be good to get a joint meeting with the guys down around Edinburgh and Glasgow but for now how about we meet up one Sunday afternoon and talk crap, drink orange juice and kick tyres on GTO’s…

We could meet up at a central (ish ) location, drive a sensible route to a pub somewhere for a drink and some food maybe.

How does Sunday the 1st of April sound…I know…I know but that gives us all 3 weeks to plan, polish, save up for fuel and generally accept or nominate anonther day? If Saturday is better…then the 31st of March could be an alternative.

As a suggestion…we could meet up at 11.00 am on Sat/Sun at Duthie Park. Drive the upper Deeside Road to Banchory, return via the lower Deeside Road and stop at either MaryCulter House Hotel, Ardoe House or back into Ferryhill House Hotel…

Just an idea, let me know your thoughts and availability.



Sorry, not sure why this is in twice…maybe the mods could delete one please.

Both time and dates are good for me as it stands.

My only date I can’t manage (got to drop this in) is the following Saturday, as I’m down in Englandshire getting to race a Ferrari 360 around a track!!

But other than that, yep, let’s meet.

sounds like you should be going down to Race the Ferrari around the track…really test those fancy seats of yours!!!
Good…thats at least two of us then!!!

Hi Mark, I’m up for it too… Duthie park is fine for me, as with 1st of April (hope this is not a joke!)

Sounds great, count me in…


mmm i’ll need to see what i’m up to nearer the time.its a bit of a trek for me but would be good meeting up :smiley:
is that the park nesr the metal bridge goin into aberdeen with the big slide(going back to my childhood days when i used to holiday in fraserburgh :lol: ) :?


Yeh scoob, that’s the park, I don’t think the slide is that big, but for a child yes! It’s got a reasonable size car park and a square pond. On the other side of the park there are the winter gardens… Granted it’s quite a trek for you, but obiously the more the merrier…


Nice one Chooch, that at least 3 Aberdeen cars now. Scoob, it would be great if you wanted to join us but obviously its a long way…I guess our plan up here is to establish a small group and sort of kick things off on a small scale, then after a couple of meetings we could get with you guys and meet half way perhaps…but the more the merrier!

Got a wave from the blond woman in the black GTO this morning.

Guess she may not be a member though.

I guess we wore her down with our frantic arm out of the window waving style!!! Will see if I can see her today and carry on the trend…what time are you driving home tonight, are you out at Newburgh or in town today?

At the Bridge of Don today.

Planning to head home about 5ish, five or take 5 mins.

Will check and see if I can get the day off work. If I can I will come up. Always good to see other members…

I should be able to make this too if im not travelling down to Leeds, would be great to meet some members! :smiley: might need directions, don’t know aberdeen that well :oops:

sounds good to me though 8)

Nice one guys, more the merrier. Based on guys intending coming up from Edinburgh etc, do we want to set the day for Saturday or Sunday and do you want to make it a later start…say 1 or 2 pm.

I will send you a multimap link Stav

11 or 12 meet is fine - a sunday is best for me - I’m in retail so it is easier to get it of than a saturday. All I need to get up there is a postcode or street name. I have sat nav so if others are coming from central belt we can convoy up - same as we did for Crail.

Duthie Park, follow A90 into Aberdeen, don’t turn off for the harbour…at the bottom of the long hill down into Aberdeen (40 mph speed camera at the bottom) right at the roundabout, left at the next roundabout over the bridge, pick up the right hand lane and go right at the next roundabout…then Duthie Park will be on your left hand side…go past the first entrance as its one way…go in the second entrance through the archway (stay wide as the turning circle will make life hard).

Polmuir Road, Aberdeen, Grampian, Scotland, AB11 7TH
Location: off A90

Any probs give me a call

07793 876896


if i’m going andy,i’ll be leaving from pitlochry,as i,m at my caravan that weekend.but i’ll let you know nearer the time and could meet up with you in dundee going on to the motorway towards forfar :wink:
i’ll pm you my mob.number nearer the time :smiley:


Cool. Sounds like a plan…will flesh out the details next week.

:roll: im offshore as ■■■■■■ usual 22nd till the 5th so count me out for that one and crail,maybe catch the next one

Got that Scoob and Ad087…Unlucky Mo, we’ll get together again sometime