Banzai at crail,scotland,29th april

a chance for another scottish meet,this time at crail airfield.banzai mag.are making an appearance at this one :smiley: 29th april


I saw that this was on. As long as I can get the day off I’m in…might even wash my car this time. :wink:

end of the month is always abit tight for me, will see whats going on more nearer the time, as im going home for 2 weeks hopefully start of May :slight_smile:

Now this sounds like a good idea…i’ve always wanted to take my audi to one of the thrashes but never done it…is it an event where we could set up a group in the static section too…my car isn’t mint by any means but its good enough to show off alongside some others! You guys probably know more than me but I like the idea of a second scotland meeting there!

Last time some of us went up we got there early n parked up near the strip in a group of for of us. Plenty of space if you get there in time. Was packed when we left!

Sounds like another great meet!

I’ll come along… provisional at the moment. Would like to give my car a run up the strip… but could be quite cool with a few GTO’s parked up with a good view point…


You can run up the strip and show. Best to do it early - there was long ques for the strip by mid day. And its cooler in the morning…

If my cars back from Sumiyaka by then I’ll be coming down to this one.


The day after I get married so unfortunately unable to make this one :wink:

A poor excuse Paul…under the thumb from day one!!! Good luck on your big day though mate…

That a poor excuse…! Who needs a romantic honeymoon when you can be at a windy old airfield in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cars…! There is a nice burger van that you can treat you lady to dinner at. :wink: Hope all goes well on your big day.

Cheers fella’s :wink:

Hopefully make the next Scottish meet (if the car stays on the road long enough !! :roll: )

ad097 - still got the dvd and swix thingy for you mate - will need to get it to you soon :oops:

Aberdeen owners fancy a convoy down to this?

its a great airfield, i went when i had my renault 5 gtt many moons ago when i was leuchars, seen a ford rs200 being beat by an escort cozzy only because the rs couldnt get off the line as it wheel spun for about 600 yards. Also seen a skyline blow his engine :twisted:

Damn i miss jockland


I’m in for a convey Andrew,(yikes sounds like Burt Reynolds) we can plan this a bit more on the 1st is the snow is cleared…maybe some of the guys have a good idea about time to arrive, what we intend to do…1/4 mile maybe (I’m tempted…) At the minute the kids want to come with me as they are car mad…but won’t be taking them down any strip! But yes, count me in!!!

:wink: :lol:

Hey Andy, you forgot to include me in the convoy :wink: Okay pigpen???

[quote]just to let you know theres an event at crail on the 29th april.
if you want to go to this post up on and add yourself the the stand list.
i take it this post will be for scottish members or maybee not :wink:


Has anyone managed to get onto the scottish Jap club forum to register for this or is it really necessary??? What about if we want to test our car on the strip, then park up??


Chooch :smiley:

ewan ,i recon we should all meet up at crail. the scottish jap club is having some changes just now but we can still go in without them and have our own kinda club stand and they can join on if they want :wink:


just spoke to andy on the revdevils and he says we can join their stand for the day if we want and go for a chinese buffet later in dunfermline with them :wink:


Sounds very good. Forgive my ignorance but who are Revdevils? Btw - do we have a definate list of all of all who are going? If not then lets start off. I’m in…

  1. Andy (ad087)