Best oil for Gto TT

Just wondering which the best oil you guys use on the TTs only had mine around 2 weeks so just getting some feedback before i order any…


Depends on engine wear mile/km, outside temperatures summer/winter etc.

Factory is 10w-30 and remember that Mitsubishi OEM oil filter in those oil changes.

Cheers from America

You won’t go wrong with Fuchs Titan Race Pro S on a standard engine. The viscosity I have used for almost 8 years is 10W-50, but have a chat with “Oilman” on this Forum for his advice.
Many on here vary their viscosity rating to suit their individual requirements. Some members are achieving anywhere from 300 - 500 bhp with these mills, and one or two maybe 1000+. Their oil specs may be quite different.


There is a good thread on here where Andre posted a load of very good advice on Oil grades. I will try and dig it out.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Here is the thread with Andre’s Oil advice. Considering he has run many different tuning levels including breaking into the 1000bhp club (I believe) his advice is well worth listening to.

EDIT: Can’t seem to link to the actual thread but here is his quote. If you search for a thread titles “Lifters starting to clack” you will find it.

Thanks for that maxx ill have a search for it :slight_smile:

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