Breaking 1995 3000GT inc new engine


Not sure on the shade of purple lol


All purple is good purple unless it’s a wrap :+1:


No, it came out a lot pinker than I imagined…


Hi James,

Those axle stands you had holding up the rear of the car - have you got part details as I after seeing them I now want some :grinning:
Ps. What’s your best price on that exhaust for a poor member :ok_hand:



These ones, probably cheaper directly from DT

£630 if you collect it :slight_smile:


Complete seat set, probably the nicest original seats you will find, easily the best bit of my car! There is the smallest amount of wear to the front of the drivers bolster, pictured. Comes with door cards too if you want them, in really good condition.

Hoping for £750 for everything, though will sell seats separately


Hi James am after the rear set if You split them , let me know Thanks !


How much for the drivers set if sold separate


Good question.

Any ideas on the going rate? Struggling with this one a bit!


Hi James how much just drivers side seat.
As i am only after have driver side because all rest of my leather interior is fully reconditioned retrim.



I think I am going to sell both of the front seats together, as no-one is going to want just the passenger side!


Ok no problem i am after drivers side seat only.
But how for both side you looking for cheers.


Ok, £500 for both sides. It seems a lot, but they are both genuinely great condition


Hi James sorry your is too much for me.

I probably go for reconditioned just one drivers seat which i have been quoted £150 to full retrim drivers side seat.


No problem, sounds a good option


Infinity reference 6x9s. Fit nicely with a bit of cutting of the housing tube. Can provide wires too if wanted

Slight damage to the one tweeter, doesn’t affect sound and never bothered be as the speakers aren’t visible. It looks like a cut on the tweeter in the pic, it isn’t. Amazing speakers, £70 posted.

Active aero rear, working when I removed it. Good condition

£150 Inc postage.

Feel free to make me offers on stuff if you think they are too expensive


I’ll pay £300 for the seats


All seats and door cards have sold. Apologies for any disappointment


Engine is out, pretty sad day tbh. Took a massive amount of effort as the engine crane doesn’t roll on hardcore. Had to resort to a ratchet strap to the towing eye of the van!

But it’s out.

I’d much rather it went to a good home, rather than trying to work out how I’m going to store it somewhere, so any sensible offers will be considered. It needs at least one turbo as it’s leaking oil through, but other than that the entire engine is brand new, including all of the sensors and pistons, read above.

Also, the gearbox is a really good one, no crunches at all. Only negatives are that the output splines aren’t perfect and it has to have tape round the filler to prevent it leaking oil.

If you have both I’ll do a deal!


Looks like one of Grahams… all that black :wink::wink: