Breaking 1995 3000GT inc new engine


They’ll probably still be for sale :grin:


Ok mate no worries​:+1::+1:


Hi can’t see the shocks on Ebay did they sell?


I’ve just put them on fixed price for now, I don’t think there would be enough interest to do them as an auction


Have you still got the idle control valve? Would be interested if the price is right as mine is playing up. Not prepared to pay loads tho as I may just buy a new one from Rob!


What’s it look like? If I’ve got it, what’s a cheap price?


This is a brand new one from rob. I wouldn’t wanna pay more than £20 for a 20+ year old one but I would help diagnose probs if you could sell me one?


I could do £23 posted? I’ll see if I can find you it tomorrow


Thank you mate let me know and we’ll sort it out!


Sorry, after a lot of searching in a roasting hot shed, I realised I included it with the engine…


No worries mate, thanks for looking!


Hi James is the fuel filler shield still for sale? If so how much?


Hey, I’ve sold it I’m afraid


All the stuff I’ve put on ebay is now an auction, grab a bargain :slight_smile:

Also, still got quite a few things left that I haven’t listed yet. The car will be scrapped by the end of the week, so if anyone wants anything left on it, let me know. I’ll post a pic later


Hi James have you still got both front wishbones going cheap?
Jerry :grinning:


Yes, they are both still on the car. Need a tidy up, but you can have them for £20 if you want?


Yes I just want to refurbish them so I can keep the car mobile then just swap the new with old.
Is that price posted?


No, they will be £15 to post I’d imagine. I’ll do them for £30 posted?


I’ll take them mate.
Send me your PayPal details.
Jerry :grinning:


@james6546 interested in the black lights. How much you want for them?