Breaking 1995 3000GT inc new engine


Wiring loom is out. It’s a complete loom without cuts or anything. The only negatives I can think of are that the connectors that connect to the injectors are cracked but usable (think they are replaceable though) and the crappy aftermarket alarm fitter has cut the rubber seals that go through into the body and has tagged onto a couple of wires. Oh, and the fuse box has a couple of broken clips.


Funny when you see stuff like that out if the car… dont look alot but when you wanna find a fault it’s massive :joy:


It’s freaking heavy too!


Hi James sent you a pm cheers


Ok, so got a load of new mitsubishi parts:

Diff oil and filler plug
Complete set of rear subframe bushes
Fuel filler pipe shield
Front camber bolts


Battery, 6 months old and proper spec for the car. Only used a couple of times but kept trickle charged.

£45 collected from either Reading (during the week) or Ashbourne


You are expressly forbidden to send any battery containing sulphuric acid than can leak out of the battery through any carrier in the UK

Just so you know


Ta. Battery collection only!


How much meeting You half way ? :grin:


Call me tomorrow mate please I need them bits ASAP


Will call you in the morning

Cheers Rob


Ha, half way to scotland?? I’m coming to Fort William on holiday in a few weeks!


I’m going to the island of Skye in 4 weeeks from nottingham


Hi James
By any chance you still got the top door trims for both doors the ones with the chrome strip my gave up yesterday ?
Cheers .


What do they look like? I’ve sold the bits that fit inside the tops of the doors


These are going on ebay tomorrow so if anyone is interested speak now. Beautiful bits of kit


They sit on top of door on the outside black with chrome strip and a softer inner edge that sits against windows .


Sorry forgot to reply to this. No, they have been sold I’m afraid.


Ok, so big stuff left

New blueflame exhaust £600 +pp
Rear LSD diff £200 +pp
Prop shafts £50 +pp
5 speed gearbox £350 collected
Brand new BC coilovers £650 +pp
Front hubs £30 each +pp
Headlights, black plastic good cond £50 each +pp
TT Engine ecu £150 +pp
MAF £60 +pp
Complete and original TT wiring loom £150 +pp
Standard 17" wheels and very good tyres £150 collected

Plus lots of smaller stuff


I’d love to have them coilovers but not got the money for them at the moment :persevere: