Breaking 1995 3000GT inc new engine


Engine has gone. Sad and happy at the same time. Glad it’s gone to a good home, but shame I never got to enjoy it.

Offers accepted on stuff, grab a bargain while I need garage space!


Have you got much more to sell


not masses, ECU, drive and prop shafts, exhaust, gearbox, coilovers, loom. Then a load of little bits that I’ll keep until people need them. I’ll try and take stock this weekend


ABS Pump available?


Yes, the abs light was on though


Stripping the final stuff out of the car

UK Dash showing 86,000 miles and proper MPH £80 + PP

Sail Panels, inc new “Twin Turbo” stickers £50 + PP

Rear corner things £30 + PP

Carbon fibre wrapped double din adaptor (has a couple of scratches) £10 + PP

Boot gas struts (again, some scratches from removing) £15 a side + PP

Working aerial £30 + PP

Front wiper motor £20 + PP

Boot catch £5 + PP

Complete dash (inc air bag and glove box) no big cracks in the air vents, just some hairline ones at the rear of the vents. £80, collection only


I might have the aerial


Call it £30 posted


Okey will sort payment tomorrow


Give @markie1978 a shout regarding the screen vents.

Terry :sunglasses:


Odd request… Did it have a sunroof? I need to respray mine.

But having a 2nd one would make it easyer

My ones fittings look like this

Just after the top bit :slight_smile:

Still looking at the weekend of the 29th to grab the bumper :slight_smile:


Yes I’ve got the sunroof. It’s very tatty, but would do as a replacement while you got yours sprayed


Hi James,

Do you have the front crash dampers and what condition are they in?



Sold them I’m afraid to a nice chap in Hungary


If anyone wants anything let me know, as it’ll be a lot more difficult to post stuff after next week


How much for the diff ? And what are the prop bearings like ?


I will take the clutch master cylinder


pm your pay pal I will send money


£200 for the diff? It’s a good one, the car had only done 86k miles.

The prop bearings are pretty toast TBH. I had some replacements, but have sold them.


Forgot to say, the rear steer rack, rear pipes and ARB are free to a good home