Breaking 1995 3000GT inc new engine



Just want what I paid for those, as I literally just picked them up from mitsi. £50 per disk shield (fronts) and £30 for the guard. All plus postage. The disk shields took a bit of getting hold of apparently


Hi James
Sent you a pm


Brake disk shields and plastic undertray sold



Front and rear bumpers are free to whoever collects them, I need the space!


Engine is on ebay


Brake pipes, front calipers, front disks, oil cooler and new y pipe sold :slight_smile:


Bump, got a few things left to go.

Exhaust reduced to £600 + shipping
Bumpers and sills £0
BC coilovers £650 + shipping
5 Speed gearbox £375
diff £200


I could use the front bumper.

Is it a 3000gt bumper with the tow eye cover?

Ps where are you based?


Yep, UK one with the cover. No cracks or dents but plenty of scratches.

I’m near Derby


Just seen some pics of the bumper.

Can you let me know how close to the edge of the number plate the holes go?

And are the visible at all with the plates on?



Which holes?

It’s only got the standard ones as far as I can remember. Maybe a couple where the number plate was screwed on. I’ll get you some pics in the morning


That’s amazing thank you :slight_smile:


The two holes just fall within the number plate area so will cover up. The prev owner had one of those horrible chrome number plate surrounds on it.


Thanks for the pics :slight_smile:

It’s in better shape then mine so I’ll have it if that’s ok.

When’s the deadline for pickup?


Yeah, no worries

No deadline, it’ll just be in the garden!


Engine sold :slight_smile:


Wheels need a refurb, tyres are all falken ze914s and are nearly new. £100


Will let you know when I’m heading down :slight_smile:

Thinking of the weekend of the 29th :slight_smile: