Breaking an L reg Mitsubishi 3000GT

I need some space so i am going to break one of my cars.

The vehicle in question is an L reg Mitsubishi 3000GT Twin Turbo.

Over the next week all parts will become available.

So who needs what :smiley:

Dave Naxton

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Front aero tray if it in good nick.


1.Mark (Mr Toad) Front under tray

Depending on cost, I’d like the headlamps and buckets to fit a MK1. Bonnet as well I guess.

Dave is this a MK1 or MK2?

You may also need the sidelights and indicators as they are positioned in the bumper


Late MK1 on an L Reg

This is currently a complete vehicle which i am having a few bits off then it all must go.

Has it got any mods/gauges?

This is a totally standard vehicle

Sorry, I am useless with regs, thought this would be a MK2. Why are you breaking it? What state is the engine?

I didn’t realise how rare they are, till i tried to find an image of one online.

This is a UK 3000GT like the red one in this photo.

Hi Dave

I need the stone guards from rear disks assuming that the 3000GT has the bigger brakes I also want a power steering pump belt tensioner .


pm sent regarding windows Dave anychance of posting pics pls?



What i will do is make a list of who is interested in what, remove that item then photo it, over the next week.

I have scheduled next weekend as the major stripping down day, but i will be doing a bit through the week work allowing.

Everything will be available very soon full leather interior, 13g turbo’s e.t.c e.t.c


Dave, centre console provided it’s not lifting round the seat switch or lighter.

God, another one being broken! Running ones of these will be ultra-rare soon!

yes but it better than it just getting crushed or sitting rotting…

Its demise means several more soldier on

the Gt’s have always been ultra rare!! i have only ever seen one 3000gt on the road outside of a meet!!

oh good luck with the sales Dave :slight_smile:


What condition is the leather interior in? and how much are you looking for for it?


Everthing will be stripped out of the vehicle this weekend and photographed :wink: