Breaking MK1 - Gauging interest


Don’t know if it is in the right section!

Just gauging interest to see how soon/long I should wait until I start breaking my GTO, I did want to keep it as I’d love to have 2 sat in my garage ! But I would rather 1 1 tip top GTO than have 2 that will both need doing as I haven’t got the funds or time.

I would prefer it to go as a whole to someone who could potentially fix her up ! But feel that there is more money in it if I strip it all. If I am to break, i will be keeping the coilovers, gearbox, diff, AC unit and some engine bay bits. Everything else on the car is for sale !

It has working front and rear aero but no aero tray,
MK2 engine history unknown unfortunately,
Leather seats - which I can restore and re colour if anyone was interested. I’ve just listed them bits just to start as dont know what anyone would be after


How much would you want for the car as a whole Reece?


@IHELLFIREI just having a blonde moment there and missed some bits out when I posted that ! I can sell it as a whole but it would need a bit of work to get going again as I wanted to take the abs delete kit and the throttle cable from it. I have the originals on my silver one which can go with this black one. But its whether you would want that


I’ve sort of shot myself in the foot with that because:rofl: I’ve said I’d sell it as a whole, but I’d also like to keep spares for mine like the box and the diff :rofl: :rofl:


HAHA! No worries mate :rofl:

Well, take what you want and then id consider whats left :joy:

Otherwise id be interested in a few things, if you do break it instead!


What bits would you he after if I were to break it ?


In all honesty, most of it :joy:

Clear indicators
Snake eyes
Rear lights
Leather interior
Window trims and weather strips
Bonnet bulges
Plus other various bits and bobs

Would all be things im interested in :joy:


I’d take the plenum mate, climate control light up? If so I’ll take that


I’ll take the ‘y’ pipe :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


Rear bumper and bonnet please


If your running her on coilovers I’d be interested in them.


@davesoper64 keeping the coilovers for my other GTO buddy :+1:


Cheers mate👍


So it looks as if I’m going to be breaking it ! One of the other cars is going out of the unit on the weekend so hoping to be able to get the GTO in there and start taking it all apart. Once it’s in the unit I will go from there.

@tomkeep1985 the climate control screen is mineeee :smiling_imp: need to replace my one because it doesn’t work :joy:


Once that’s done then I can sit down properly, go through what I’m keeping etc


How much for the wheels ?


Also blue hoses maybe


Will sort out some prices for bits once it is in the unit

As for the wheels there is pictures in another topic, I will try and tag you in it now


I’d like the y-pipe if it’s in good nick


Could poss be interested in leather interior if @IHELLFIREI changes mind about that and would fit ok on a mk2 :grin:
…maybe wheels… see other folk got dibs though so that’s fine :+1: