Breaking mk1 GTO 92 automatic

Most parts available, let me know what you need and I’ll state the posted price,

engine runs and will be compression tested tomorrow to make sure it’s ok.

Bodywork has age related marks and boot has a dent in it and no spoiler but glass is good.

I’ll test all the electrical parts over the next week or so as I’m a battery short at the moment.


Hi I’m looking for a working climate control and passager and drivers windows if unscratched


Hi Darren,

Climate control £140 collected or £150 delivered

I’ll check the windows over in the morning to make sure no scratches - £50 each would prefer collection to stop them getting smashed in the post

Interested in the outside weather strips if in good condition .

Sorry Dave I’ve already claimed them for my project

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What condition is the firewall in ?
Id be needed a few rubber grommets from inside the drivers wheel arch, and some from the underside i think

Injector clips
Working arial ?

Hi Reece, have you got pics of the grommets or pics of where they’re supposed to be?

Gotta do a quick bank run then I’ll check the firewall, there’s no radio in this car so I’ll have to power the Ariel manually to make sure it works too.

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The ones under the drivers arch are where the gearbox mount bolts are, you have have to jack it up or take the wheel off to see them, the underside ones i will have to check

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Hi Darren, both windows have light scratches so don’t think you’d want them

Hi Robbie,

Thanks for the update how light are the scratches on the window have you any pics? if they are better than mine I would still be interested

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Drivers side is worse than the passenger side with a fairly visible scratch in the middle
Drivers -


Sorry the pics aren’t that good in this light
Let me know if you want them

They look about the same as mine at the moment thanks for taking the time to take the pics for me
I will have too keep looking
Thanks again

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Will have to wait to check these once it’s in its final strip down position might be next weekend mate

No worries, what about the firewall, if its in good condition I’ll have it

Oh poop sorry Reece I got got to check - first job tomorrow I’ll let you know

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Is it just the fabric you want or the full back wall? Fabric is in good condition but needs a clean, won’t be able to fully check the wall until the engine is out which will hopefully be next weekend

Ariel is dead - motor only wants to retract

Black wall ? I thought it was just the fabric/ insulation

My motor works but the cogs or something have gone inside so it doesnt go up or down

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I’ll get the fabric off once everything’s out of the way to make sure I don’t damage it and send you a pic, if you want it I’ll send the Ariel too for a bit extra postage.

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