Breaking mk1 GTO 92 automatic


You can get a replacement aerial, the plastic breaks where the cog runs making the aerial go up or down and disables full working of the unit. Easy fix.

Terry :sunglasses:


sunroof? wheel type (pics)


No sun roof, standard mk1 wheels on it - will need refurb £65


What can i fix it with buddy ? Cheers


How much for all of the locks, doors, ignition, boot etc


More parts removed today -
Uploading: 0A627FB0-F03A-4C23-A64E-63FAA0550B6A.jpeg…


is the automatic box working, is it the same as the mk2 if so how much for it…


The inner trim from the top of the tailgate? Be careful if it is, to remove it you have to use a blade to cut through the double sided tape that is at the top and bottom. They are extremely fragile and if the seal isn’t broken it breaks halfway, also the switch for the door mirrors and cruise control switch, on the last pic.

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As far as I know it is working, ptu is dead so engine was only running on 4 cylinders which made it stall when it went into gear - definitely moved the car before stalling though, £200 as it’s basically untested, if you want it send me the serial number off the top of yours and if it’s the same it’ll be a straight swap


Is this the trim that’s attached to the headlining?
£10 for the 2 switches, do you want the Plastic holder for them too?


Hi Robbie, its the trim at the top of the rear screen, a right barsteward to get off in one piece and no I don’t require the holder, its just the switches I’m after.

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Ok no problem don’t have a clue on what it’s worth like lol lemme try and get it off without breaking it tomorrow after work


Hi Terry is it this trim piece you need?


Breaks very easily as i have found out, i also stood on a piece and broke it accidentally :sob:


Yea I’m gonna go buy a trim tool to get it off properly, got the 2 outer clips out and it’s loose from the tape but darent put too much pressure on the middle :joy:


Too right, the w4nker sprayer broke mine, thought I wouldn’t notice. :rage:

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It’s genuinely terrifying trying to remove the trim pieces that people want lol just removed the passenger Piller trim tonight and nearly died with each noise it made haha


I know, the trims are getting so brittle now, careful as is careful ooh!!

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Hi Could you give me prices for each of below
driver and passager door cards ?
Front bumper ?
Drivers back quarter panel as long as it’s in good condition and rush free ?



Will do mate, brain has switched off for the night now tho lol I’ll message you tomorrow with some pics