Breaking mk1 GTO 92 automatic


Rear passenger side mud flap ?


Sorry Brian it doesn’t have any


should have the number tomorrow will send it once I have ti


No worries mate


This is the gearbox number on mine mate - W4A331UNN


More parts removed today -


Hi Robbie,

Is the washer bottle and pump available?



Roddy don’t you need the battery tray as well as that’s what the bottle bolts to ?


Yea I have it and battery tray if needed, will test the pump tonight mate


Not had much time to stop parts this past couple of weeks but carpet and full dash are out if anyone wants them, also have an early mk1 power steering pump (v belt) as I’ve swapped it for the newer type on my project, engine and gearbox are ready to come out too


Also got front hubs off with abs sensors in and front brake callipers


More pictures to come over the weekend, front suspension, expansion tank, abs, wiper motor front and rear removed and almost down to the firewall!



Hi Robbie,
Is the dimmer switch got the clips broken?
If not I’ll take it pls.


It has the bottom clip broken sorry, just fitted the good one to my project


Hi Rob

How much for the the boot panel covers ?



£20 +£4 postage, there’s another one in the car too


Sounds good Rob
Pm me and we can sort payment out