Breaking mk1 GTO 92 automatic




Price on the 2 radiator top brackets please


£10 posted Reece


Hi Rob

Is that a front lip ?
How much do you want for it ?



Yea it’s a fibreglass splitter, has a couple of repairs on it and a small crack shown in the pics on the drivers side, wanting £20 for it due to the crack, very large to post though


Can’t really see it but this is the only pic I have with it fitted


Sounds good is that with post ?


Will have to check postage tomorrow cos it’ll be a very large parcel an I’ll have to build a box for it then measure it :joy:, don’t think I’m down your way for a while either


:joy: lol cool
Let me know drop me a text if you want might be easier 07850176174


Some more parts removed today, closing in the chassis being as stripped as I want it and will be selling the rest - will have most of the rear suspension on (apart from the shocks as they’ve sold) so it can still be wheeled around after a fashion, £100 for it once ready.



How much for the drivers side headlight cover ?


Not selling them pal, keeping them for if one of my 3 need them sorry


How about the speedo/clock surround ?


And the centre vent surround dont need the actual vents


Got a guy interested in the speedo surround at the moment with a few other items - if he doesn’t want it you can have 1st dibs, I’ll have to check the vent surround cos it may have disintegrated when I removed it, was it you that wanted the firewall?


Was possibly interested in a good condition firewall but may be going down a different route now, any pictures? And of the surround


10 mins I’ll grab some pics