Breaking UK Spec 3000GT 1997

Hi chaps, i have a UK Spec 3000GT for breaking.

Please let me know if there are any specific parts you require as i have the bulk of the car remaining.

Available parts list will be added shortly.

Engine / box / still available.




Hi mate, do you still have front bumper and front lights and if so will they fit a 99 UK car?

working parcel shelf??

Yes Phil. Black parcel shelf.

As its a UK car there is no sun fade!!!


Bit of a slow reply there paul :laughing: what gen is it mk1 or mk2 ?

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97 so I guess mk2


Damm would love a mk1 uk front end at some point

Ye a bit slow. Not sure how I missed it tbh.

Ye mk2.


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I’ve got one

MK1 UK front end that is

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Awesome if your thinking about selling I’ll chase you up on it at some point , skint atm the rx7 is draining me of all my pennies.

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if anyone has Mk1 UK side lights and front indicators… let me know a price - mine are a little chipped