Car Won’t Start :(

Hi Everyone,

New to this group, so please be gentle :slight_smile:

The problem we have is that the car won’t start, we haven’t used the car for a while and it had been sitting on the drive for about a year. Started the car a month ago and It started fine no problems and moved it to the back garden. Went to start it a few weeks after that and it wouldn’t start.

We have changed the coil pack and plan to change the ignition module. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas suggestions??

We did also wonder if it was the alarm, as it is very sensitive.

Anyways any help would be appreciated, and if anyone knows of someone that could look at it local to Dartford??

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Hi Zara welcome to GTOUK :+1: nice to see you made it here from Facebook, I’m sure some of our lovely community will be over to say hi and offer a little advice soon.


You need to be very careful here , first thing I would do if the car has been standing for a while is pull the timing covers and check that it’s timed properly before cranking and cranking , if that lines up ok then start your checks , fuel spark etc .

It’s not uncommon for cars that have been standing a long time to skip timing if the belt has too much slack in it due to the tensioner relaxing

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welcome to GTOUK mate.


You remember when you got yours @ScottMR Scott and I told you to push it down a hill :joy: it was the belt :astonished:
Don’t ask Dave fk all !

All the obvious has been done fully charged battery and it does have Petrol. Thought I’d mentioned incase someone suggests lol.

It is turning over aswell.

Just really annoying, we’ve had it for 10 years maybe longer.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh yeah u did didnt you,forgot about that,glad i dont live near a hill now


Model and year may be useful too for diagnosis

Craig :grinning:

It’s 1992 GTO :slight_smile:

Twin turbo or n/a lol

Will ask my Dad tomorrow haha sorry my bad :joy:


Maybe worth jumping the fuel pump check connector as well to make sure the fuel pump is priming. Quick Check.

not a pro on gto’s like these guys but as its been sitting did you clean the fuel lines or petrol before you started it and worth a check to see if they blocked like @CDMH said :slight_smile:

Hi. welcome to the club.

Where abouts in Dartford are you? i am very local to you.


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Welcome to the club,
Check you have fuel coming,spark,check timing but I suspect is ecu.
Jerry :grinning:

I’m Erith But Say Dartford As Not Many People Know It :joy:

im just down the road to you

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No way small world … where abouts?? :+1:t2::slight_smile:

And i am only in Southend !

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That’s good, really want to try and sort it out for my dad. He’s not well at the moment so hasn’t been able to get under the bonnet. So any help is 100% appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you everyone for you help and for saying hello :wave:t2: