Car Won’t Start :(

(Matt Tinsley) #21

Hi Zara

When my gto sat for a while . and when i come to start it it did not start , It turned over all the dash lights came on , just no life , I checked all sorts of things , and it ended up being the ecu , I was told it is quite common for them to go faulty after they have sat for a while ? On my mark 1 gto the ecu is behind the radio , There quite easy to take out ,a couple of bolts and a plug , if i remember ? If you contact the ecu doctor they will advise you 01752 346437 , ,They are very help full , I think if you send it to them they will check it for free and advise if it needs a repair , i think mine was 100 pounds ish to repair that was about 2 years ago , Good luck


(Matt Tinsley) #22

O yes and welcome to the club , Lots of people have helped me know end here
excellent club : )

(David Perkins) #23

I had mine done also you may want to check your receipt unless he’s come down alot! I paid £215 for him to change x25p capacitors…I know I’ve opened it.
I’ve just repaired an ECU by the way, I will look at your ECU if you wish but would need you to become a full member as @matttinsley did because of the advice he received. I’m still hoping a member will offer to pop over with a bit of knowledge to help you get this started for your dad… then maybe you can buy him club membership for Christmas :heart:

(Jensen Richardson) #24

Sent mine off last year.
Checked by ecu Dr no issues found £50-£60.
Plus my p&p.

(Jerry Castle) #25

welcome to Gtouk Zara, hope you get the car sorted and lots of help on here good luck

(Jerry Gauci) #26

Is Zara your surname by any chance?

(Zara Zedd) #27

No it’s not lol whys that?? Thanks

(Jerry Gauci) #28

My next question would’ve been…ARE YOU MALTESE!
As zara is a Maltese surname!
Jerry :grinning:

(Zara Zedd) #29

Haha nope it’s my first name :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

(David Perkins) #30

Behave @gto_power1 this ain’t tinder :joy:

(Jerry Gauci) #31

I should ov kept my mouth shut​:joy::joy::joy:

(Glenn Pearce) #32

Any error codes registered on the ecu?

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