New member after advice on possible purchase of a 3000gt

hi sorry to hijack your thread,new member! im interested in a 99 atmo uk car in france… its backfiring & up for 3000 euro. reasonable money for here! anything i should be looking out for? its been stood for a while…

Have a read here :+1: welcome to the club.


I’d check the ecu for leaking capacitors.
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Welcome to the club, is it a left huuker :scream::scream::scream::joy::joy: seems that word is a no no.
Could be a myriad of reasons why its backfiring, read the guide and then have a look for the obvious, the obvious being knowledgeable about these cars, ouch, that sounds sharp without meaning to. Look for stuff loose, broken or worn cables, leads etc. Be careful though, you might be buying a minger.

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Bienvenue to Gtouk, any photos of the 99, is it like a UK spec but lhd, then it would be a tt or is it a U S spec, then it could be fwd if na or awd if tt/vr4. Thinking atmo you mean na.
Good luck

thanks for the welcome & advice! i will let you know what happens

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Welcome to the club Richard :+1:

heres a link to the ad, its done 95k miles… 98, i really should wear my glasses!!

Looking fine !

HI Richard
Does he mean in the add the car is backfiring or miss firing? I suspect the latter, from the photos the car looks tidy but l would say not a cheap price for an na with issues, sure it would be less in the UK especially with problems.
But much more limited choice in France, if you do go for it check for rear and underfloor rust, also try and make sure the transmission is good, but if it is miss firing, could be from a choice of several issues, you will find them in this forum. Looks like he will bargain as l reckon he may struggle at 5k euro, if you look on trovit you can see what is being asked for gto,s in the UK for comparison.
Good luck.

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thanks mate, i contacted the owner, she doesn’t seem to know anything about the car… apparently she bought it last november & its been parked up ever since… she doesn’t even know if the ct (mot) has run out…
its been online for quite a while …she has also dropped the price by 2000 euro!

That’s more like it, probably worth a punt around 1000-1200 but could cost the balance or more to fix. It,s the scarcity of them that’s against you in France, if the structure and tranny is good it’s how you can cope with the misfire. Good luck.


thanks mate

That’s a point a missfire might be down to a duff put?

thanks mate, whats a put? bear in mind all i know about these cars is i tend to drool a lot when they overtake me :wink:

I think he ment ptu.
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I did, missed that typo.


Common symptom of PTU fail. Had it on mine


ok thanks chaps, whats a ptu? its a very steep learning curve!

PTU = Power Transistor Unit, it’s a small black module that fails due to heat as its located close to the block.

If you get a working unit make sure you get some thermal paste too so that it is cooled properly when fitted back on its metal bracket.


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