Cheap insurance quotes try here
Just got my quote for 93 tt £220 fully comp on classic policy age 43, no claims not required no points or accidents yet! try them may be of help

Did just give Adrian flux a ring and they were close £265 and you can keep your no claims going on their classic policy I have 6/7 yrs due excess is more this was with Marques

Wow an old fashioned ethics insurance company £224 fully comp on classic policy.
No no claims required, no cancelation charges, pay by dd and nothing to pay if cancel early 01227 206911 give them a go

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Sounds a very good price, be interesting to see if they insure modified gtos :smile:


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Just got my insurance through it’s totaly amazing never found one as comprehensive as this.
Equity redstar specialist insurance the brooklands policy.
No need for no claims, covers driving in other cars, free of charge salvage, didn’t have to be garaged at night, covers rally use,hire car,dismantled parts kept in garage,£500 audio all for £224

Thanks for sharing this @DavePerky, we have just insured the Hulk, all mods declared - ours are all cosmetic not power, for £130 less than Footman James last year - £209.78 - RESULT :clap: :moneybag: :smiley:



Glad to help @Tracie Let’s hope more can benefit instead of being ripped off :+1:

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Hi folks, thanks for the heads up. i will give them a call.

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Well done to you Dave, that’s a pretty decent quote for sure, and I’ll keep their details for when I need to begin my next annual search. I was very fortunate this year and pursued A Plan at Thatcham. I am on a limited mileage of 3k, but their premium is £148 fully comp. I doubt they’ll copy that again next year…


I had a plan before but their conditions seem a bit ott for me the car was just about coverd if I hit someone but would hate to think how they would have wrangled out of a theft claim or a my fault shunt! Had to be kept in a garage after certain time of night and certification for immobiliser etc etc

@gavin_naish Have you not tried these guys ?

thanks, did you go through a broker?

Yea mate they were brill number on third post here 01227 number @Tracie Has also insured the hulk with them :+1: all mods not that they even asked me didn’t seem to matter on this policy ask for rh brooklands policy above

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OK just had my insurance quote off same company as last year it’s the same £221 but that seems fair as it’s a classic policy and generally they go up with inflation in fact it should have gone up due to government 9% tax hike so quids in. I’ve decided to stay another year on classic as my no claims lasts till 30th Jan 17 meaning I can just end my classic policy a few weeks early next year to buy standard insurance to carry this forward, right guys ?

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Sorry mate what’s the company called who will cover all the modifications?

Here give them a ring welcome by the way nice motor

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Okay I’ll save the detail for next time thanks for your help mate

Just tried Footman James, didnt even get a quarter way through the mods and they bailed on me.

Ill try Flux.

01227 206911 mate try there as above hulk and me with them

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I’m with RH also £ 230.

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