Custom Sub Box

I have been making these for about 4 years now and are still available as I haven’t posted up for a long while.

Custom Sub box including new floor pan and back panel in loads of different colour.
These will suit a 10" or a 12" sub and come fitted with gold connectors.
Please PM me your E-mail address for an order form.


If you require anymore info please get in touch.

Martyn ( Yellow TT )

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Put me down for one Martyn, can you give me a ring to discuss colours etc



How much for just the piece that separates the boot fro the space for the amp.

You may remember mine got damaged when I had my accident.


Is there no port for the sub in these?

No these are sealed units with a 1.2cuft air space

Ports come with the custom design if required as will need to no what sub and port size reqiured.

Martyn ( Yellow tt )

Hi Martyn

You have a PM.


Is it possible that is written stealth instead 3000gt

Not a problem as long as you send me the art work for it
You can have anything put in as long as it is not to detailed and you will be limited on the colour’s
Martyn ( Yellow TT )

I have some of these if you would like them from the door sills


Hi Martyn

You have a PM


Hi ,

Im after a 12" sub box/carpet wotsit in black with red mitsi logo.
How long does it take to recieve once i send my order through ? Will be sending this week sometime.


Martyn - you still doing these? Is the spare wheel still accessable with one fitted?

Cant answer if Martyn is still doing these (asume he does as i got mine in Feb) But i can tell you it will be the best money spent. I bought one and it fits like a glove and really looks the bussiness. You can still easily access the spare wheel and the tool housing on the drivers side of the boot. There is also a cover the runs along the back that covers the rear seats, this is where i put my amp and wiring so you dont see anything when fitted to the boot. Will try send you pics of it fitted later.

Always wondered where the amp went with these, pics would be great.

I dont think thats what the back cover was actually for but it works out a treat to mount your amp on the the back of the seats and there is then plenty of space to hide your amp and wiring so there is no mess and dont loose anymore valuable boot space…

pics to follow tonight guys… cheers

Pic of everything fitted and in place

***Pic of spare wheel cover panel ***

Pic of spare wheel without cover

Pic of rear seat folded down to show where amp is mounted and fits when seats closed

hope thats clear enough guys

pics now added :wink: :wink:

Certainly does, cheers for that, was going to mount the amp something similar, few self tappers is it (bit of weight in a 4 channel amp…)


[quote]Certainly does, cheers for that, was going to mount the amp something similar, few self tappers is it (bit of weight in a 4 channel amp…)


Yup, amp screwed straight to the back of the seat, Its actually pretty strong and no issues with my amp. As you can see it is the lenght of one half the rear seat so it’s also a fair weight.

You did well, I’ve been waiting since last June for mine. Paid for and messages sent that just haven’t been read. I know Martyn is going to the AGM, I’m just hoping that he might bring my box along


hi how much for black with a blue logo and to fit a 12" sub would like it ported. sub specs r