Custom subwoofer box

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone on here knows where to get custom subwoofer box for a 98 3000gt. I want it to accommodate a 12" sub and go in that left corner pocket in the trunk. The one poster from evilempireperformance use to sell really nice ones but I can’t seem to find any on their site. Thanks

Someone is selling them on eBay.

About £115 from memory

make your own it is not to difficult

The ones on the evil empire site of made by me, I have six here at the moment, they just need the carpet fitting in a colour of your choice, they can be done with the mitsi diamond or left blank


He’s aliiive :sunglasses: Good to see you back @Martyn

Had one of Martyns sub enclosures years back and the quality is top notch , still going strong in @3000gt car

Craig :grinning:


Been a bit busy doing the house up, but back again :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Finished shot in plain blackimage


These look awesome. What do you charge @Martyn?? Any option to have a Sub each side??

OMG i still have that sub Woofer upstairs !!!

Give me a call Martyn

Cheers Rob

Yes yes yes!!! Need one of these…my current box takes up most of the boot space lol

be interested too one i get round to the bum end of the car

Same here. Could do with one matey

Also interested. Prices please.

Anyone interested, please pm me your email and I will send over an order form with a full breakdown of prices as these vary as you can have different colours and different writing, either GTO or 3000gt and mitsi diamonds or you can discuss full custom designs


For anyone wondering these were the things to have back in the day and were high in demand , being able to get these again now is a bonus grab one while you can

The quality on these is second to non , you guys won’t be disappointed .

Craig :grinning:

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had one in my mk1 and it was spot on.

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Interested as well :slight_smile:

Do you do just the carpet without the box and speaker?
I’ll be interested in just the carpet with the logo.
Saying this as I only listen to the engine when I’m driving plus don’t want to add more weight :grinning:
Jerry :grinning:

Yes I do it without the sub box, it comes with the rear back section the floor and a smaller section of floor where the sub normally goes.
For all the people who have emailed me for an order form, I will get them over to you asap as they are on my old computer but will post prices up later on here :grinning: