Help! Anyone able to Contact Martyn?

Hello, posting to see if anyone was able to contact @Martyn for me.

I ordered his subbox / boot liner that he makes back in 2016 19th October and PAID via Paypal.

I haven’t heard anything from him since, 11th November, where he emailed me ’ Just got to wrap and pack and will get it sent out mid-week.’

Gave him a few emails since then with no reply and noticed he hasn’t been on the forum since November either. Anyone know where he is? Been patiently waiting to get some bass back in my life :frowning:

I would understand if he is busy etc. but nothing for two months is bit upsetting.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Hi tom I’ve messaged him via FB. Hopefully he will be along soon :slight_smile: sorry you’ve had this


Nice one @butler .

I noticed he has changed jobs so things may have been up in the air for him

Craig :grinning:


Awesome, thanks @Butler.

Lack of communication is more concerning than actually receiving the product, but I have Run out of little mods to do on the gto now, so getting bit bored lol.

Hopefully he gets in contact :slight_smile:

Thanks again, tom


Had this off Martyn just now

Hello mate
Sub box complete, but when the company I was working for closed just before Xmas the recievers stopped everyone removing anything from the factory including tools etc
Had to send payment confirmation from Thomas to prove that it belongs to me.
We can pick the sub up and tools next Friday and get it sent on the Monday.
Will email Thomas about this


Much appriciated @Butler

Look forward to hearing from him :smiley:

P.S Cant wait to cover up the sound of a Walbro fuel pump aswell :joy:


Sorry to bring this up and be a pain but @Butler could you contact him one more time for me via fb?
Still haven’t heard anything from him again. :frowning:

Tempted to start a Paypal dispute fairly soon if nothing, coming up to the 180 days claim back period in a couple more weeks.

Many thanks, tom.


Is no need for things like this to keep happening here, if someone has loose ends with someone else should keep the other person informed regularly :unamused:


Have sent him a pm on fb

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He said he posted 2 out last week. He is going to check with the couriers

Cheers for that @butler again.

Yep he finally emailed me back today saying the same thing. Said he would check on Monday for me with the courier he used.
Hopefully get this sorted soon.

Many thanks. Tom.


Hello people,
thought i would update this as the situation got resolved and as a future reference for anyone who wants to deal with Martyn.:expressionless:

So after the email where he said ’ he would check the courier’. He didn’t contact me back for another two weeks. He then stated the ‘parcel got tracked to the depot and sent, but didn’t get tracked after’ and said he would make another one and get it sent out over the next few days.

Wait another two weeks, emails sent within that time with no reply. I mention that if i don’t receive anything by next week, we are just going to finish the transaction over paypal. This was to cover myself as the 180 day dispute limit was looming.

He mails back, same day and again says the parcel will be sent by… date and you should receive by…

This was the last i heard from him a month ago. Opened the dispute via paypal, asked to carry on transaction, no reply after week. Then asked for refund, still no reply.

So started a paypal claim and got my money back today after half a year ( 184 days to precise).

Thought i would share in case someone wastes their time dealing with him.

Ps. show your subbox installs! Need some Diy ideas now haha.:joy:


Shame about this. On facebook there is alot of conversations about boxes at the moment. Mainly people in the USA.

This is something I came across the other day but lots of info on different set ups.


@reece.cambridge any good?

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That’s something along the lines of what I was going to do ! But I was going to look at some smaller subs and rather than coming up and out I was hoping to only take the space up in the gap and not take up boot space as well

There are 2 different designs this and the type you are on about. If I come across it I will link/screenshot it for you.

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for updating the post for the sake of other members.

Sorry to hear about your experience, I think you were more than patient and dealt with it in a decent gentlemanly manner, this kind of situation isn’t something we come across very often on here, but as they say, there can always be one bad apple.

Pleased it all ended well for you with a refund of your money, hopefully you can get you sub box install sorted soon, looks like the guys are already ‘on it’ to help you out.

Tracie :snail:


I think I have dimensions for a sub box also.
Will see if I can dig it out.