Does any one know this 3000gt - P88 GTO / P753ODA

Hi All,
Long time fan and hopefully soon-to-be new owner here…
I’ve loved GTOs since I first had a ride in one aged 12 (in the mid-90s). I’m finally taking the brave pills and going to view one. I know cars are only as good as the people who have cared for them, but I wondered if anyone knows of this car either recently or in a former life and might be able to ring any alarm bells / provide some reassurance.

It’s a 1997 Blue UK car, currently on reg plate P88 GTO, but has also been on P753 ODA, WIW7414 and DUI55.

Thank you in advance!

Hi there, what part of the world are you in?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m in Northamptonshire and the car’s over near Norwich.

You have a link may help sometimes reg won’t help us much.

It’s ok found it… 3000gt could a will be just as corroded as a Gto as they have been in the country just as long now.

Buyer’s guide and check boot floor for rust… it hides well.

Overpriced for condition tbh

Hello this car was sold near me I was next in line for it.

Thecar was sold for £7500 a few months ago and then the new owner starting listing it up for 10k plus almost straight away.

I never sarthe car in person but believe it to be OK but I think the 7.5k is a fairer price.

Hi Guys, thanks for the info - really appreciated. Yeah weird if he was trying to flip it straight away. I’ll go and take a look still, but with my eyes wide open!


I do like the reg DUI 55…

Well I went and had a look. She was a bit tired cosmetically, needs a few maintenance jobs doing (discs and pads, windows adjusting for a start), and I didn’t really fit inside, my head touches the roof…

… but man I love these cars, so I’m picking it up next weekend :slight_smile:

So, apologies in advance for all the questions I’ll probably have over the next few weeks!


Ahhh another blue 3000GT

The best colour :wink:

P.s. I’m 6-ft 2 to and I have to recline the seat for me to be able to have Headroom due to the sunroof.

But I fit ok


Yep, it had to be blue! I’ll try that, but suspect I’ll probably have to just develop a hunch :smiley:

You’re local to me - yours looks amazing, would be great to take a look for inspiration and recommendations on what bits to get. Do you do all the work yourself or use a garage?

I did everything myself apart from the body work.

I have a restore posted in the members area with everything that’s been done so far. :slight_smile:

Are you in Northampton then?

That’s my plan too. Will take a look when I’m all signed up then. Yep, well about 20mins north, just outside Rugby.

I’m in Rugby

Got to love a blue GTO completely bias but definitely the best colour…


Yes, that does look nice. Of course, I’m a silver man at heart, but blimey those blues do scrub up nicely don’t they!
Alastair, I have recently been referred to “Westaway” Motors, and their Mitsubishi parts man, Dave, was really helpful with some parts. Maybe you know this already, but just in case you didn’t.
Enjoy the car.


Awesome, can’t believe I’ve never seen you - need to get it out the garage a bit more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks Mike, appreciate the info! Will give Dave a call when I need some bits… I’m sure it will be sooner rather than later.

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Agreed blue is the best colour :grin::+1:

Passion red is the best colour

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