Donnington Park Trackday

I’m booking myself onto a trackday at Donnington at the end of November. When we went to Donnington Park and had 3 sessions of tracktime at Japfest 2, we had a right laugh.

The day begins at 7:45 AM with driver and passenger indemnity sign-up, shortly followed by the half hour driver briefing at 8:30 AM.

The track time runs from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00 with an hour for lunch in the middle. Lunch can be got onsite in the track diner.

The format of the day is 3 groups (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Each group goes out for 20 minutes, followed by the next, and so on. This means that you will get a 20 minute track session followed by 40 minutes to cool off, relax and twiddle with your car before going back on. Because of the shorter nights in November, the track will close when the sun sets, which is due to be 16:00. According to the nice lady on the phone today, they will aim to keep going until 17:00, but if weather is bad then they may call bad light slightly before 16:00. This means you should get 6 x 20 minute track sessions, possibly even 7. If there’s not many people on the day, and/or people are happy with it, then the sessioned day may revert to an “open pit lane” day, whereby anyone can go on the track at any time, for as long as they like.

Cars don’t require an MOT, but they must be in a safe condition. Marshals can remove any car they consider dangerous from the track at any time - you then have the choice to fix it, or stop racing with no refund!

Exhausts are limited to 98 dba, which is the UK road legal noise limit (apparently!). They monitor noise with stations set up around the track which are linked to a computer and the local council. Myself and Stevie were both fine at Japfest II, and the system was operational as they black-flagged the entire Time Attack qualifiers!

Drivers must hold a full UK driving license, or race license. If you turn up with a driving license, make sure you fetch both the photocard and the paper section (originals, not copies) as a number of people were disappointed at Japfest II. Drivers must wear a helmet and have their arms and legs covered (ie no shorts and t-shirts).

Front seat passengers are allowed, but they must be over 16 years old, wear a helmet and have arms and legs covered.

Second drivers are allowed, they must follow the same rules as normal drivers regarding license, indemnity forms, driver briefing and clothing/helmet.

Spectators are free, but children must be accompanied at all times by an adult, and aren’t allowed in the pit lane or on the pit wall to spectate.

Proffesional race driver tuition is available on the day. They will ride as your passenger for a 20 minute session, giving you advice on lines and techniques to improve your driving on the track. These are best booked in advance, although they may be available on the day.

A proffesional photographer will be on the track for the day, and you can buy photos/prints at the track as a souvenier.


£99 for the car and driver
£20 for a passenger
£20 for a second driver
£35 for a session with the instructor

More details and booking available here;

Myself and a mate are going for the day, him as a second driver.

Who else is up for this?


If I have the money at the end of this month I might well join you!
I only have my old paper licence (I haven’t got a photocard one yet) would that be ok?
Any advice on where to get a helmet from? can they be hired?


Hi Dan,

The paper licenses are OK, it’s just if you have the new type you need to remember to take both parts with you. Quite a few were being turned away with no refunds at Japfest II as they only took the photocard part of their license.

Dunno about getting a helmet. They weren’t hiring them at Japfest II, so I imagine they don’t have any. Have you got any biker friends you could borrow one off?


Must say i fancy a bit of that, but would have to go into the beginers section, ( me only having a slow one :smiley: ) may even take advantage of an instructor for the first session, will have a word to see if her indoors fancies a day out, never done this before & the car seems to be running A1 so why not, have to have a go sometime.


It would be good to see you there Julian.

I know of another GTO owner who will hopefully be there - so we shouldn’t be left out!

I’m thinking about booking an instructor too, but what I would recommend is that you have the first couple of sessions on your own to learn the track yourself, and get a feel for your car. Then, when you’ve done a dozen laps or so, that’s when an instructor will probably be of use, when he can tweak your driving style and corning techniques.

I’m more than happy to ride in your passenger seat for your first session and give you a few tips on your way round, so long as it doesn’t clash with my first session!!!


May take you up on that offer, my good lady is not too bothered about this one as the xmas do is only the week after, so i think my son may be coming instead, he just needs to make his mind up if he is going to track his BMW 330 Ci Sport or have a play in mine.


Well thats me booked for this event & raring to go, I have booked the intermediate session, because i have been single seater racing 3 times in the last couple of years, so have a basic idea, from what i can gather talking to the people at Donnington, the beginners session is more for people that have never seen a track, let alone had a car on one, Steve don`t know which way you come down to Donnigton, but if you want to meet on the way & have me tag on behind you, that would be great.


All Booked, with Tracy as passenger.


Ill be outnumbered with Steves :lol: We could have a mini convoy, will be ok travelling thro Notts, the new convoy rules are five or less :smiley:


Are we three meeting up & all going in together ? :smiley:


I might come along and spectate! Are spectators definitely free?


I have to ring them tomorrow, will ask for you & confirm.


Pay £100 and you can spectate from your driving seat! Would be good to have you on the track at the same time, as I reckon there’s nowt between our cars!


Am in Bristol on a weekend away with the football team which was why originally i couldnt make this, i am now so tempted to come back early, will ring donnington tomorrow as am unsure wether they will accept my Irish license. Homer and i discussed this at last meet and we seem to think they may not accept it.

ummmm Beer or Trackday…aaarrggghh

My clutch is on its way out too, need a new one but trying to decide/funds for an upgraded one is a bit slow at moment.
So hence why it may be more sensible to spectate or stay in Bristol and get ratarsed again and again and again :lol: :lol: :lol:

Homer, i reckon theres miles between our cars especially with me driving. Am fed up looking at the back of your helmet :roll:



Pay £100 and you can spectate from your driving seat!


Yes ditto, would be good to have you there, have to beat you at something sometime :lol:


fed up looking at the back of your helmet :roll:


wtf?? :lol:

shame its on sunday or i might have come up to watch/take pics :frowning:

or even show you how its done in the 306 :wink:

I won’t be able to make this one, need to do some house repairs so have no spare cash at the moment, but I hope I’ll be able to do it early next year.

[quote]I might come along and spectate! Are spectators definitely free?


Its free, asked them today. Also asked them if its going to be busy, theres only around 50 people booked so far, so they say it might mean 2 sessions per hour instead of 3, would mean loads more track time for us :smiley:



I’ve spent the day prepping the car - new alloys, new pads, brake mods, de-cat pipe and some engine work. Typically it’s now squeaking, so it looks like I need a crank pulley before we go!!!

1/2 hour sessions will be great - that means at least 3 hours of actual track time.


[quote]Are we three meeting up & all going in together ? :smiley:


I`ll take that as a no then ! :roll: