Finally Back On

Had a problem getting back on here with a login issue. All working again for some unknown reason. I have still been able to read the posts which was something.


Doesn’t show you as a full member , did you renew Ian ?

It shows full member.

You haven’t got the flag on your profile Picture/avatar mate , all current full members have that

Look at the picture on my post

@jensen360 , @Tracie @stevie , could you look into this for Ian :+1:

That aside Craig, I should have still been able to login. It would not do that and when i tried forgot password routine it simply did not send an email to me up until now. its been like this for months.

I’ve tagged some of the committee for you mate so hopefully we can get it sorted for you

I have spoken to them about this and we checked everything, spam folders,correct email address. the weird thing is I still got tagged notifications by email when someone mentioned me.

full access does not mean you can’t login

How can you manage membership when you can’t login

Sorry to hear you are still having issues.
We will get back on this for you first thing tomorrow.
We didn’t realise there was still an issue with the login.


Can you access your memberful account Ian?

Hi Jensen, I’m not sure what the issue was but I’m back on now. It might be worth investigating to see if this has happened to anyone else. I will now get the membership upto date now i am signed in.

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Just done the membership. All sorted.


Again sorry about this Ian.
We will have a look into it.

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OK mate. I’m sure there should be some history of attempted logins and password reset. There should be a few pages.:rofl::rofl:

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I have been trying to sort this out with @ORV over the phone numerous times, the password reset never got to Ian’s email or spam box, but the email was showing as delivered.

Another problem was Ian being busy at the time and having to return to this issue at a later date.

Glad you are finally on buddy, have you entered your card details now so that membership does not lapse matey?



Hi Steve,
Thanks for looking into this for me. All done on membership now. I just kept trying the reset every now and then and it finally worked.