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Hi all… Just got my hands on my first GTO so thought the best thing i could do was sign up on here and hopefully get some advise and knowhow from you guys :slight_smile: its a mk2 L reg with 74,000 on the clock and 11 month mot… Wont let me upload images just yet with being a new user but all seems to be good with the car so far :slight_smile:


Welcome plenty of knowledge in here !

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Hello fellow noob

I haven’t been here long either, but what I can say is these guys know their stuff so good choice in joining. :smile:

Looking forward to piccies :camera:

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You’ll be able to upload photos soon just keep trying its a website thing :wink:

Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

There’s obviously some night hawks on here or my internet clock is wrong, welcome to the club and thanks Bex for liking my engine bay, worthwhile when that happens.

Keep trying to post pictures, just drag and drop, that’s what I do :stuck_out_tongue:

Terry :sunglasses:

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Hi fella welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Browse the site for a while and read some topics and you will find that you will be able to download your picture then , cool little feature we have built in the site to stop spammers etc

Craig :smile:

Welcome to the club mate! Best club there is! :blush:

You bought a Gto ! Take it back quick! Lol
Welcome to the club you will need it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Website security guards Terry :wink:


Lol thanks guys. Yeh ill have a good read through some threads on here see if i can find what im looking for :slight_smile: and the gto ive bought has a gtouk sticker in the back window so im guessing some of you may recognise it. Pictures will help i guess and i use my phone to use the forum so maybe thats making it harder to upload pics also…

Also forgot to mention with the sale i got 2 brand new still in the box/sealed 19-t turbos a brand new fuel pressure regulator also a brand new greddy emanage ecu with piggyback loom some 550cc injectors and an air/fuel gauge so are all patiently waiting to be fitted to the car when i understand whatelse id need with them intercooler ect… And also the cost for them to be fitted as looking at the engine bay i wouldnt even imagine to know where id start lol

Where abouts in the country are you? Best place would be @benh At Eurospec in Guildford. They do most of the cars here.

What was the name of the guy you bought the car from? Maybe we can try shed some light :smile:

Im in stockport, Manchester mate bought the car from doncaster off a top guy called mark cant recall his 2nd name and the log book hasnt cpme through yet… But yeh its a red mk2 with a vented bonnet aston martin db9 wheels… Managed to change my profile picture but still no joy uploading images as im too new lol

On phone bottom right hand corner is an upload button


Someone is bound to recognise that with the font skirt and those mirrors :slight_smile: looks great

Aaah cool you are only Manchester! I’m only Liverpool…but I’m no help I’m a newbie to these cars! :blush: Smart car that!
Ali :blush:

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She is a beaut alright, great styling :slight_smile:

Hi Aarron

Would be very interested in some pics of the 19T’s

I know everyone who has mine out there and they are not that common an Upgrade

Did you get that car off ebay the other week ??

Nice MK3 Nose cone conversion too

Regards Rob

Thanks everyone i agree shes a beauty alright :slight_smile: and yeh course rob i will unbox them later on and get some pictures for you :slight_smile: