First GTO


Hi everyone,

I’m currently working in Australia but am coming back to the UK at the end of August and have just a purchased my first GTO which I am very excited to pick up. I’m not sure if anyone knows the GTR heritage centre but they recently advertised one which was exactly what I was looking for, it’s a 1991 with circa 36,000 miles.



Welcome to GTOUK Mike,

Seen the pics on their Facebook page, looks lovely, bet you can’t wait to get your hands on her.



Just had a look at the car , looks lovely and im sure its been on here at some point , it does however look like thd sort of car top autos would have had fof sale , with the spray job lights etc , be extremelly careful if it is , not questioning gtr heritage centre as they seem really genuine , top autos however… just do your homework , not all that glitters etc


What’s top autos? can you shed a bit more light on this company please. I’ve only spoke with the GTR heritage and they’ve sent me lots of photos etc. Yes straight away there’s a few things I dislike and will tidy up such as wheels/tyres/lights and probably the interior at some stage.


Top autos is an ebay dealer which sells a lot of expensive gtos , all tidied up for sale with paint , wheels etc , it seems that some of them have a few problems , do a search on here , now om not saying yours is one but its their style . It has however been privately owned prior to gtr getting it so hopefully would be sorted


Right ok thanks for the heads up, i’ll do a search on here (still figuring out how to use it haha)


Tops auto’s used those type of shorter character number plates on all the sale cars…
They put fresh plates on them when they “do them up”

As Craig says look’s familiar but who knows, check the history been off road since 2014, which seem to be the case with a lot if cars they sold, are selling.

Check the time the last owner had it… if it’s only been a few months since it was put back on road be careful.

Welcome along… Dave


Thanks for the heads up, really appreciate it. I’m going to collect the vehicle on the 27th of August from GTR heritage. They advised it will have a new MOT and I’m going to get a mechanics inspection also.

I’ve tried to find the car in here but had no luck. From the pictures they’ve sent me it looks very clean, obviously there’s a slight leap of faith with me being stuck over here which I probably wouldn’t have taken if it wasn’t for their reputation.


Ask for the v5c number and check the last MOT station.

They should be open to you having any information required.


Welcome to GTOUK Mike !


Hi Welcone to the club and the car looks excellent in the photo.
Where is the Gtr H C? I think its in Co Durham ?


Thanks for all the info everyone and warm welcome.

Yeah it’s in Durham I’m from Manchester, my flight from Australia gets in to Manchester on the 26th then getting the train up on the 27th will be a long few days!


Another one in manchester :+1: im in stockport myself @mike3


You may see me about then mate going back to my old job on the A6! Have to meet up when I pick it up


Welcome to the club Mike.


Gtr H C not so far from me ( when l am home ) might look them up and see what else they have.


Yeah I’ve only ever heard good things about them!


Ask them for proof its done that mileage if i was you, that is seriously mileage for a 30 year old car !!

That’s only 1000 miles a year or 20 miles a week !!!


@GSXRKID I’ve checked the previous MOTs and all looks legit but yeah it’s incredibly low, I’ll know more when I get back and complete an inspection,