First GTO

Yeah @mike3 we will have to meet up. Im always up and down the a6 haha.


Just a quick update I’ve confirmed with GTR that I’ll be getting the train up to Durham to collect the car on the 27th of August. They also confirmed they will be completing a full MOT.

I’m just thinking before I go up it might be a good idea to organise a 3rd party inspection to ensure I’m not wasting my time, if anyone knows or can recommend a mechanic/company in the Durham area to complete the inspection that would be a massive help instead of just an AA one.



Aa or rac do a complete vehicle check for around £180

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Im sure there will be some members around that way that could point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s what I’m hoping I don’t mind an aa one but just thought a recommendation for an independent would work better.

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I went and said hello the other day and the guys seem fine, spoke with Az, l could give the car a once over if l am free and l know when it will be there.
Will not be as official as an AA or similar but will give you and idea.

Thanks so much mate, if you don’t mind that would be a massive help! Think I’ve been speaking with Dave so will contact him and I’ll let you know

I used click a mechanic, a lot cheaper than either aa or rac as they want to do a very in depth inspection due to age and were going to charge about 400. I got a thorough inspection with a test drive, think it was around 120.


Just another update for anyone interested, the cars had a fresh MOT and I’ve arranged for a clickmechanic inspection for Thursday thanks for the tip @david6 also thanks for the offer @jerry_SC but didn’t want to put you out.

Also got the insurance set up with Adrian Flux ready for Tuesday, which was a hard pill to swallow but to be expected I guess.

All being well I should be behind the wheel come Tuesday morning!


That’s soon come around Mike :+1: your going to have a smile on your face as wide as the horizon ,

Enjoy and get us some pictures when you have her/him/them ( no longer politically correct to assume gender and I’m all about being pc :crazy_face:)

Craig :slightly_smiling_face:


All the best mate :slight_smile: get some pics up

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I know, I can wait mate been a long time coming!

Haha I’ll get some uploaded as I pick her up!

Been a nightmare sorting everything out from abroad just praying the inspections fine now


Ok just heard back from the mechanic, who said it was absolutely immaculate. No advisories or anything etc…

So I’m very happy train tickets all booked, I’ll be a very proud GTO owner come Tuesday!


Great news mike


You must be so excited Mike, roll on Tuesday :+1:



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Very! I’ll make sure get some photos up


Well done @mike3, enjoy, your smile will be as wide as the car :grin::grin:

Terry :sunglasses:


Great news hopefully you can get to some meets and they won’t be too far to drive to :wink:

Be great on show with UK, we are a friendly bunch :+1:

Pics soon as OK! :rofl:



Congratulations, good luck with the car.


Great news Mike.
Pics as soon as you pick it up :grinning: