Future meets

hi, hope i ve put this in the right section, first of all got home yesterday and the gtouk xmax card and list of events was waiting for me, nice touch, thank you :+1:
ive been through my work rota to check what events i can attend but untill the dates are confirmed then its only two

  1. GTOUK AGM, when can we book for that or is it just a case of turning up ?, i would probably stay at that holiday inn place overnight, are there many people going to that ?

  2. JAPFEST/JAPDAY i have booked ticket for that, is anyone staying there overnight ?

hopefully the weather will be lush :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Hope this helps


AGM usually a really good turn out, mostly people make a ‘do’ of it and we stay up all night drinking and cavorting and stay the night. Some people just come for the day though.

Japfest/Japday usually just a day thing although i think this is the first year for japday so not sure of the format on it just yet. @NAS seems to be arranging that one. No reason why you couldn’t stay somewhere locally if it’s a bit of a trek but for most of us it’s only a couple of hours drive so not too bad.

Be good to see you at any meets you can make next year.

I will get a list of hotels up when I get home. We will be there the day before/after as I live there if anyone wants to go for lunch etc.


thats great Neil but are you referring to GTOUK AGM or JAPDAY ? :grinning:

Oh yeah sorry japday I live near Castle combe.

LOVELY and by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR to yer all :sunglasses::sunglasses::alien::+1::lips::angel:


Hotels near castle combe:


Someone mentioned this place but not been there myself:

Ill add some more later on.


The AGM is probably the most important meet of the year for members, everyone loves the Summer events, getting the car polished up and the social side of camping/meets etc…

…but before we all get to that, we need to sort out the running of the Club, the AGM is where you all get to have a say in how the club is run by voting on decisions which affect you, find out what goes off behind the scenes and how funds are spent, and see if you can help keep the wheels turning in some way.

That’s not to say it’s not a social event. when the formalities are all done about 3pm, it’s all kick back, relax and enjoy.