Girl racer in need of spark plug advice!

Alright fellow GTO enthusiasts! Newbie here!

Recently became the proud owner of a GTO 1991 model, had a lot of work done on it and it’s been running beautifully. Up until last week, juddering and misfiring, only thing it can really be is the spark plugs want changing. The garage I usually deal with are very hesitant to change the back 3 with them being such a ball ache to get to! Told me to go away and purchase an intake manifold gasket and they can then do it. Sorry to sound like such a blonde woman driver, just wondering if anyone can suggest where’s the best place to purchase one of these from or even better, if anyone can recommend a garage to take it to that has experience with this? I’m from the Doncaster area.
Many thanks in advance!

P.S. If any of you see a blonde lass posing in a red GTO (FOI 6640) give me a honk! :wink:

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Evil Empire Performance is the best place to buy them from. They are wise to say they need this as it should be replaced every time the manifold is removed. However, they should really be buying it themselves… Are you sure its spark plugs? Its a good place to start but there are so many things that could cause these symptoms.

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Best place is always Eurospec in Guildford but it is a drive for you!!
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Thanks Max!

It had a reconditioned engine 3000km ago, about 5K’s worth of work done on it. This was all before I got the car, on the notes it says only 3 spark plugs were changed. The garage recon only the front ones had been done. No other problems with the car! I’ll give evilempire a look at!

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Welcome to the club Anna, you will probably need the throttle body gasket too as I have just done a service on mine and it’s easier if that bit is out of the way too!!! Not too difficulty a job, people just hate that bit :stuck_out_tongue:
You can also check the condition of the hoses going into the throttle body too, if they’re the originals probably best to change them whilst you have the opportunity, better to be safe than sorry.

Terry :sunglasses:

Yeah that’s a common feature. People change 3 and can’t be bothered to change the rear 3. When they have spent that much money on an engine I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t spend 20 minutes doing the rear plugs. It’s not a difficult job, just time consuming.

I didn’t bother breaking that connection. Left the throttle body attached and everything connected to it (except the intake pipe obviously) and lifted the plenum up and hung it from the bonnet with a bungee cord.

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bet it kept banging your head as it was going up and down :laughing:

Also don’t forget to cover the lower plenum holes, don’t want anything nasty dropping down there :hushed:

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Boy am I going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons now and say unless you break or bend the gasket in a way that’s it’s not supposed to bend, you don’t need to replace them.


I only do because I do, never used to replace so much stuff until I got the GTO. I find a quick smear of silicone helps. I try and do everything to the book with this car, the missus’ car, that’s different, I reuse as much as I can, she’ll never know.

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Hi welcome to gtouk. Get some pictures up of your car when you get a chance. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, lol

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Get some pics up.

Welcome to the club before to go any further check the voltage to the pump I did everything then this last cost me a ■■■■■■ fortune then found the fix was free! It’s a simple bypass of the relay near os fuse box has a rubber cover over it. There is a link just put in your browser Mitsubishi Gto fuel pump relay bypass that should find it.

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Im with @Beanus on this i used to reuse mine ,i also used to use copper plugs , you have to change them more often but i think it cost me £12 for 6 , as i was running more boost they worked better for my setup

Craig :smile:

Thanks for all the info guys! Gonna throw it all at the mechanic tomorrow, look like I know what I’m on about :sunglasses:
Okay next question, how on earth do you load pictures onto this ■■■■■■ thing?! Managed a profile picture, thats about my limits! :joy:

Just drag and drop into the post if you are on a computer.


Welcome to the club Anna and hope you get your motor sorted and hopefully see you at a few meets.

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Ive only been to one meet at the bikers cafe at sherburn in north Yorkshire, it was a jap meet. Excited to see some of you guys in the future!

Welcome to the club… I bought my 94 GTO from doncaster area around 2 months ago :slight_smile: pritty sure ive noticed there is a garage around leeds area which specialise in working on a breaking gtos… no idea how good they are mind but look like they have a lot of spare parts ect from their ebay shop. Someone might know of them and how good they are and like me it would save a long trip down to guilford :)… like the others said get some pics up of the car when you work it out (took me a while too)

Officially aren’t these gaskets the kind of gaskets that compress only once to create the adequate seal, that’s the official line anyway.

Saying that I’ve had my rear plenum off loads of times and never bother changing the gasket, officially you should do it, bit you’ll be fine just re-using the same one.