Great Day @ Japshow Finale 2015

Big thanks to Andy @Beanus for organising Japshow Finale today, a lot goes into these kind of things prior to the actual day - as you now know :smile: , a lot of time and worry to make it a success, so well done.

Great day, excellent turnout of club cars, weather held up too for October, thanks to all who attended supporting GTOUK, and last, but certainly not least Huge Congratulations to our very own @Permanent_Grin - Andre, for your new Personal Best plus a ■■■■■■ new European Record, well done buddy, you did our cars proud.



Sounds like you all had an awesome time hope the weather held out for you too!!

Nice one Andre glad to see it all coming together

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Nice work Andy @Beanus, glad it was a good day, gutted I had to pull out at last minute due to work stuff, looking forward to seeing any pics from the weekend tho. Hopefully see you all at the next event.


I would like to say a big thank you to all that made it to Japshow over this weekend.

It really is all of you that make these meets what they are, Top quality cars top quality banter in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

11 cars in total on the day which I still can’t believe and pretty much every colour catered for (except yellow) I think, which personally I think is ■■■■■■ great.

We got put in a great spot on the tarmac, as Stevie said “he’d never seen so many people taking pictures of his car” We all got a lot of attention I think.

@aaron1991ellis I’ve never seen so many owners drooling over your Stealth RT Sail panels.

@jensen360 We will get those bits you need ASAP, FYI I also found the Camcovers you need in my pile of stuff in my spare room, message me and we can sort something out.

I will upload some pictures later on when I can find my SDcard reader.

Thanks again all and I can’t wait for the next one. :smiley:



Well done guys , good turnout for GTOUK :sunglasses: Top work @Beanus for sorting it too

From the pics i have seen floating around the cars looked stunning

Craig :smile:


Thanks for organising this Andy.
Had a good time, as usual.
Hope all made it home safely, there were a couple of ‘repairs’ undertaken!
Pity Andre didn’t get to run more than once. It is nicely done is the carbon body!
Andy, can you bring my top with you sat?


Hi people,
I had a great day thank you. It was great to meat you all, and pick your brains on things. I also want to say a massive thank you for 1 of the above mentioned ‘REPAIRS’ lol. You guys really helped me out with the window, i was dreading getting home and having to tackle it in the dark on my own. I asked andy if the club could help me out, if someone had some tools and could point me round as i did it. 2 mins later theres a small pit crew digging in and getting there hands dirty. literally. I owe you all a drink at the next meet. Thanks Again.
Look forward to seeing some pics, and meeting you all at the next club meet!



Thanks @Beanus im glad you all like the look its got :slight_smile: and again was great meeting and speaking to you all. Sorry i wasnt around my car much as i had a few friends which it was there first time down there so wanted to look around and watch the stuff going on but Will deffinatly get myself down to some more meets in the future and get to have a good chat with you all. Like andy said. it was a great turn out of cars and colours and the first time id had one of my cars on a club stand before too. So thank you GTOUK :blush:


Had a great time with Gtouk and Steve n Tracy are a fantastic couple And thank you for my Gtouk owner shirt :checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


Looking forward to next year

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Just a few pic’s showing that Andre’s car along with Ben was at pod for Japshow Finale even though he only did 1 run.

Here are a few of the club stand…starting off with mine



<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/7/0/7010934067b1ab07a9852dadcbd0b1ced19132eb.JPG" width=“666” height="500

Will post some more up later


Hey everyone nice to meet u all at last and now I’ve joined :slight_smile: roll on next year.


More of the club stand.

Starting with Stevie’s Hulk

Mark Leach’s

Some more newbies who were on their first GTOUK event



Joe Crawley



A few shots of the whole stand front and rear

A good day meeting the new guys who were on there first club meet, and looking forward to meeting up with you all again at the AGM in April


Some great photos there @davet25

Great pics @davet25.

The blue one is Emeer :wink:


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Wicked so we have an Emeer that has a blue one and an Elmer that has a blue one , ahh hold on i meant Simon :laughing:

Craig :smile:


Does anyone know if Emeer got home with it okay?
That was the one with the split rad hose.

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@Emeer Doesn’t seem to show up at all, am I going mad? is he actually a member??? lol

He bought a ticket so I have to assume he is.

Gonna upload my pictures in a sec, I found my SD reader.

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Well here are my photos from the day, my battery died on the camera though so it’s not many.


All of us.

@aaron1991ellis Stealth RT Sail Panels…Drool!!!




Mr and Mrs Barnfather


@kevin_rhodes and @davidtcunneen



@stevie & @Tracie



Nice photos folks and another good turnout of quality cars :sunglasses:

Craig :smile:

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