GTO Noob

Hey guys, i just picked up my 1st GTO and i wanted to be apart of a community of like minded individuals. So i just wanted to say hi.


Here he is, just a bit about my GTO. JDM spec so i cant read a ■■■■■■ thing inside…anyway 1995 model imported in 1999 and i am its 2nd owner since arriving on our shores. Really clean model around 68,000 miles on the clock pushing about 351BHP.



Welcome, really like your motor.

Hi welcome
Lovely looking car I saw that for sale
It’s a great community and you will find lots people with lots of knowledge about these cars

Hi and welcome to GTOUK ,

Looks nice and clean . Did you see a dyno printout for those figures ? Not something that’s normally achieved on a stock y pipe , do you know how those figures were achieved , boost controller mbc etc , not being negative just trying to help you avoid a potential problem arising, was it a top autos car ?

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Thanks man, yeah i have the dyno print out for this. It is a de-cat so it produces a little more then it should. It has a boost controller inside so the 351bhp is on a higher boost. Yes it was a top autos car, how did you know ?

Can spot them , when you get chance , make sure that the fuelling can support the boost being wound up

Will do thanks for the advice, tbh i just keep it on low boost atm. I got plans to do some work in the future but for now i just wanna get use to this baby :wink:

oh and thanks guys for your welcoming words.

Welcome nice gto there as been said above check you got supporting mods to go with the boost controller.
Upgraded fuel pump hotwired
Bigger injectors
You should have some kind of piggy back ecu to control the extra fuel.
350 bhp on 9bs they will be rinsed to get those figures i think the maximum been achieved is around 390 and that with all the supporting mods plus 20% methanol mixed with the petrol.
You need a logger to monitor knock


thanks for the advice i will bare all that in mind, i still have a long way to go. I am sure with your guys support i can do it.

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Welcome, really nice car.

Looks a nice motor buddy,here’s hoping you have a good experience
Welcome to the club

Welcome to GTOUK and good luck with your car, looks smart.

Welcome to GTOUK nice looking car !

welcome to the club mate, looks a beauty!

Welcome to GTOUK.


Welcome to the club - nice looking car so hope you enjoy it :+1:


Welcome to the club

Welcome to GTOUK, motor looks cool.

Terry :sunglasses:

Thanks you guys. Seems like a great community i thought i was maybe the only one who had a love for this JDM heavy hitter, seems i was wrong :blush:

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