Gto owner. Maybe?


Hi all, just signed up to your site here as I’m strongly considering purchasing a Gto for the first time. I’m writing this to try and gather some info on these fantastic looking cars. I’m based in Ireland and guessing that there is little in the way of support for these cars over here so I’m wondering what they are like to live with and when problems do occur how serviceable are they.
I have some mechanical ability, would do all my own servicing, tackle brakes , disks , drives and clutch jobs, would not be afraid of electrical but after that I would be looking for someone more experienced.
It’s a twin turbo manual 1991 car that I have in mind. Any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance Enda.


Hi welcoming to the club, check out the buyers guide in the forum…



Hi and welcome to GTOUK Enda , the answer to the first part of Your question … if they were too bad to live with WE wouldn’t have been here , as for problems and servicing we have knowledgeable Members and also lots of info and technical data in the forum and with Your mechanical abilities will be easy enough to live and enjoy the GTO / 3000GT world. Here is also a link to our facebook page so You can see what we are upto :wink: Cheers


Hi and welcome to the club Enda.
I started out with virtually no mechanical experience. With the info in the club and members help I have managed to do quite alot on my car.
Technical sections available to full members are huge.


Thanks for the replies guys. Would a 3000gt be a better option than gto. There are a lot of gto advertised , not so many 3000gt. My preference is for a red car. There’s a guy in London with a few gto advertised, does anyone know him?
Because I’m across the water it’s not so easy to view and test the cars, I was even considering buying from photos from reputable dealer, not ideal I know. There’s a nice 3000 in essex with only 35000 on clock and all mots but " selling for family member" would leave me a little cautious there.


3000gt are more prone to rust due to being in this country all there life so unless it’s been looked after properly, on the other hand you do get a few extra options like leather interior and slightly bigger turbos.
Important to check them for rust.
Gto is an import so rust is less lightly that’s not say they don’t rust as if not looked after again it will rust too but it’s less likely to be rusted away.
I wouldn’t buy one without viewing it or at least find someone on here local to the car and perhaps can view it for you.
I personally would go for a gto in good shape there most definitely will have a better condition chassis. Some might disagree but that is my opinion.
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:
Jerry :grinning:


if I were you id get a fresh import ,youd get a good one for around 5k -6k and it would be rust free and a great base to work on or just keep running standard


hi Enda, I’d agree with the guys on the rust front, unless you’re getting really good UK car I’d look for an import that hasn’t been in UK long, btw what part of Ireland you from ? I live North coast.


Hi, I’m midlands, Offaly, haven’t seen too many fresh imports advertised, the one I keep going back to has been in UK since 2000.
A uk car with 36k on it may not have been exposed to salt very often. Where do they tend to rust?
I would personally prefer a jap but when you see a UK with 36k you have to consider it.


36k is Deffo nice miles and very tempting if it’s genuine. I think at bottom of front wings and somwhere round the rear but don’t think rust is a major problem with these cars , especially if you can find one that’s been mainly a summer driver


Hi enba
If you are looking at the ones in London from a seller called Ibrahim he’s ok I got my mk1 1992 GTO TT (red) from him. he’s ok got the gift of the gab and with him on London he is asking London prices so you’ll be able to knock him down abit.
As for the cars he has a few yes he imports them and sorts them out to sell .beware that all things don’t work check switches etc for mine it is the active aero spoiler but there is much info within this group to sort that out and spare can be found.
When I got the car home I booked it in my garage that looks after my car for a full check and fluid replace and was please to be told I’d got a good solid car but with the odd small leaks which can be expected from a car 26 year old.
So yes get on your knees look touch push pull turn on off but his cars seem ok.
I must admit the drive back to Yorkshire was great the car ran great and the looks from people !!!
Also take time to read buyers guide which has been put together by the members of the group is great and very useful
Good luck


Hi Dave,
Thanks for advise, might give him a call tomorrow. Have been looking at a couple of companies who will import one direct from auction in Japan, one of these companies to my surprise are based in Mullingar Ireland, only a few miles away from me.
Any thoughts on that approach??


What is Your budget enda ? I’ve not dealt with the Guy Dave is talking about but there is mixed opinions about His trade . One think to look thoroughly is MOT history ( dvla ) if You’re buying one that has been in the country, the mileage on some cars go up and down on MOT’S like elevator !


Hi There , I hear what your saying , we have the same issues over here.Witout mot record it’s very hard to verify mileage. The car I’m drawn to has 104500 miles on it. Doesn’t mention history or mot.I’m probably prepared to spend up to 6.5k and that car is just shy of that. I’m leaning towards red and I would prefer a 91 model . This particular car ticks all the boxes for me .
If I do make a purchase the car would be doing very low miles annually so a car with 100k or so wouldn’t be a big deal as long as it’s accurate.


Not bought a car that way before but if you go to them make sure that they get the sorted ie paperwork and mods so legal for our roads .


You can check some mot on here.


Thanks guys, quick question , what is the feeling on non-turbo manual models?


Well when I first started looking I was told if it’s a GTO it’s got be a GTO TT So glad I listened but it’s up to you but in the long run you’ll swap it for a TT .


Iv’e had all 3…
1st was an auto NA mk1 had everything on it but very heavy and slow tbh, changed to tt mk1 again heavy for me as I have RSI condition so had to go.
I have a mk 3 auto sr now, next to nothing on it and saves about 200kg off a mk 1 stock, quite quick and easy for me to drive.
Also had hotbobs mk1 na manual with a bored out engine, quick but still no tt…

Choice is yours really if you can tt tho.



Thanks, fair enough TT it’ll have to be , just thought I’d ask the question. Came across a car in northern Ireland with full history and we’ll maintained but 150k miles. Highest I’ve seen so far.