Gto owner. Maybe?

(Colin Lockyer) #61

Looks like…

(David Perkins) #62

■■■■ off to ■■ @Colin_GTO


I was going to have mine resprayed in a bluey purple I had spotted on a car , lovely colour , oh well next one will be black maybe @spiros will approve

(Spiros Kapadohas) #64

I thought You were saying bye bye to GTO’S :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who said it was going to be a gto :joy::joy: I just said black lol

(Spiros Kapadohas) #66


(Enda Mahon) #67

That guy with the non runner has flogged it for 4800 euro , about 4.3stg.

(Enda Mahon) #68

Hi Guys,
Being browsing over classifieds and anyone who has a non turbo for sale , their selling point is the non turbo is easier to live with, is there anything behind this or is this just justification for not buying TT to start wit🤔

(David Perkins) #69

I’ve had both, just less to go wrong engine wise, leaks, boost, tubs etc etc.
If I can fix one anyone can…
I would still go for turbos even tho I now drive an N/A it’s missing that little something.


(Enda Mahon) #70

Hi all, just an update for this thread. I took the plunge last week and purchased a red 91 TT .
She’s partly restored with new paint, rebuilt engine reconditioned gearbox , back turbo reconditioned, new adjustable suspension new brakes disks and tyres, upgraded rad.
She looks and sounds amazing although ders still a Lot for me to do:
Aero not working
no stereo
lights pop up but have to be put down manually.
horn not working
Needs leather interior.
I’ll have her on Wednesday so I’ll put up some pics

(Terry Wilkes) #71

If the lights pop up and you have to manually put them down, have you checked the switch on the dash fascia. If that’s out your lights will pop up.
Just an idea,

Terry :sunglasses:

(James Jones) #72

Well done on your purchase I’m sure you will have lots of fun doing your restoration- remember there is lots of technical information and how to guides on this forum which is all accessible to full members and at £20 a year it’s well worth it :+1:


(Jerry Castle) #73

Congratulations, reads like a good basis for a project to get to a decent car, all you need to know is here and good luck.

(Enda Mahon) #74

Hi James , just looking through the app , can’t see an option to make the payment. could anyone point me I the right direction.

(James Jones) #75


Sure if you go to the club shop and then you can purchase full membership.


(David Perkins) #76

(Enda Mahon) #77

Had her delivered last night

(Jerry Castle) #78


(Jerry Gauci) #79

All the best
Jerry :grinning:

(Terry Wilkes) #80

Sweet!!! :grin: