Gto owner. Maybe?

(Enda Mahon) #41

Haha. Won’t get a look at that this week so.

(Scott Sharpe) #42

guys names Stephen stewart hes more north than us but it looks a cracking car. look at his post on the ■■■■■ page on facebook


Oi scoob no swearing on here please

(Enda Mahon) #44

I’m not on Facebook, is it up anywhere else?


(Scott Sharpe) #45

well its no on the uk page so just pointing the guy in direction of post lol I also told seller about uk forum lol is 3si swearing aswell ? ■■ isn’t really a club just a place to get info for free :wink:



Really :flushed: !!!


Testing testing

(David Perkins) #48

■■■■■ 10 characters


@enda @sco1gto your post says edit underneath , hasn’t been edited it’s the only way I could get your posts to show , I was playing with something in the background and broke it :joy:

(David Perkins) #50

■■■■■ 10 characters :rofl: is it working yet
Yeh it is… Craig don’t break it again

(Spiros Kapadohas) #51

You wouldn’t like it Enda anyway … it’s f… Blue :grin:

(Scott Sharpe) #52

forums ffs what they like


Quite amusing you adjust one setting and all the words disappear :joy::joy: fortunately I managed to rescue it otherwise I was going to log off and turn my phone off and hope it went away :joy:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #54

2 f… Blues within 10 sq meters :joy:

(Mark Peasnall) #55

the best colour to have not one of them flat black tatty things :wink::joy::joy::joy::joy:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #56

I know I put You off Enda but that’s the one :laughing:

(David Perkins) #57

Purple is the best colour

(Kyle May) #58

Mines going burple :wink::grimacing:


Why did you have to bring purple into it Mr P :innocent:

(Mark Peasnall) #60

purple why paint it orange then :wink: