Gto owner. Maybe?


Haha. Won’t get a look at that this week so.


guys names Stephen stewart hes more north than us but it looks a cracking car. look at his post on the ■■■■■ page on facebook


Oi scoob no swearing on here please


I’m not on Facebook, is it up anywhere else?



well its no on the uk page so just pointing the guy in direction of post lol I also told seller about uk forum lol is 3si swearing aswell ? ■■ isn’t really a club just a place to get info for free :wink:



Really :flushed: !!!


Testing testing


■■■■■ 10 characters


@enda @sco1gto your post says edit underneath , hasn’t been edited it’s the only way I could get your posts to show , I was playing with something in the background and broke it :joy:


■■■■■ 10 characters :rofl: is it working yet
Yeh it is… Craig don’t break it again


You wouldn’t like it Enda anyway … it’s f… Blue :grin:


forums ffs what they like


Quite amusing you adjust one setting and all the words disappear :joy::joy: fortunately I managed to rescue it otherwise I was going to log off and turn my phone off and hope it went away :joy:


2 f… Blues within 10 sq meters :joy:


the best colour to have not one of them flat black tatty things :wink::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I know I put You off Enda but that’s the one :laughing:


Purple is the best colour


Mines going burple :wink::grimacing:


Why did you have to bring purple into it Mr P :innocent:


purple why paint it orange then :wink: