Gto problems,need help

Hi everyone, need help to diagnose a problem with my gto. I recently had a used gearbox and transfer box fitted to my gto,it was running lovely for 2 months, but it has recently been miss fireing with whit-blue smoke coming out of exhaust.i took it around a mates to have a look,when I arrived I turned engine off. when I went to start it again there was nothing but a click when key was turned,but did not turn over. anyway after 5 mins or so it sarted fine and ticked over at 750 revs,then I noticed the revs died when put into reverse gear,and when brake pedal was used.i tried to pull away but it kept dying before clutch was fully released,eventually the rev counter went berserk & I managed to pull away but I had to limp home about half a mile in first gear with it barely moving and coughing & spluttering the whole journey.Has anyone got any ideas what it may be?? Would really appreciate any help by you experts out there.Fingers crossed, many thanks, Paul.
its 1991 twin turbo.

What have you checked? - take a look at the induction pipe to throttle body connection to begin with.

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ecu failure ???

Hi, ive checked the ecu unit & that looks fine no smell or signs of overheating,& any electric connections that I can see in engine. just checked the induction pipe as you said,all seems tight ,no splits etc.
thanks for your quick response

ive looked at ecu unit and it seems ok,no smell or leeking capacitors.many thanks Paul

Head gasket? Or just condensation in the exhaust for the smoke. Was it by abychance raining? My Gto (91. TT) done this going through a 2 inch puddle… well it was more like a long shallow pond! Was fine the next day

Edit: I make no sense, I mean shallow pond about 2 inch deep 20foot long lol

A puddle then @bencostello :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Terry :sunglasses:

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■■■■ hope its not head gasket,no it wasn’t raining.It was almost like the wasn’t enough feul being delivered.Im stumped.Thankyou for input.Paul

Somersets a bit of a trek just to pop over with a block tester haha I’m supposed to be down that way soon tho but will find out at work tomo if the boss got a email back (22nd for a 1 day course, overnight stay) I’d seriously get it done for peace of mind mate. It won’t hurt to try

Edit: does it rev fine at a standstill ie in neutral?

I very long one that shouldn’t have been there @just_cool lol

it may have to wait abit,as ive just shelled out £3000 getting gearbox ,transferbox and few other bits and pieces, thought all the problems where solve, how wrong could I be :joy:
many thanks again .Paul

You could look for air leaks or intercooler pipework that’s come undone (Rear turbo inlet is an easy one to start with) I forgot to put the intercooler pipe back on once and it ran like an absolute dog.

You could try and clean up the Stepper motor as it’s very simple and can sort a few rough running issues.

Other things you could check are the temp sensor, this also can make it difficult to start after the car has warmed up.
After that just give some of the sensor connectors a little wobble and see if any are loose, take the plug leads off and re seat them.

I’ve just had a thought so bere with me, you said the gear box had been changed a couple of weeks ago right? Just have a look on top of the gearbox where the Control harness and starter wiring goes across the top of the box (You may be able to see on top without taking anything off), if the harness hasn’t been put back on properly then the gear selector things can rub against the loom and could be a potential fault area.

Check your fuses too.

Something to get on with I suppose. lol

p.s… Try not to take anything off the car yet, you may make diagnosing the issue worse.

Keep us updated.


that’s an idea, the fan seems to come on after only 5 minutes of starting it up.ill have a look,many thanks .Paul

Sorry I added a little to the post. read again!!! lol

It was reving fine in neutral,about 750rpm

Has it run low on fuel recently?

ill check it out tomorrow,greatful for your time,thanks.Paul,ill let you know how it goes.

no its never lower than quarter of a tank.

I just thought it “Could” possibly be a semi blocked fuel filter is all. Possibly.

maybe but had new one when the gearbox etc went in,only travelled about 150 miles since all the work , and new oil filter…weekend

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