GTOUK Christmas Party, 15th December 2018 - FINAL LINE UP

15th December 2018

Well sadly we are coming to the end of another great car season.
But on the bright side it means we have the GTOUK XMAS PARTY

The Kegworth Hotel
Packing hill
DE74 2DF

Single - £65 Breakfast included
Double/twin - £75 Breakfast included
Executive - £85 for 1 person
Executive £95 for 2 people Breakfast included


Homemade leak and potato spiced soup (v, gf)
Trio of melon with mint syrup (v,gf)
Prawn cocktail with marie rose sauce, served with brown bread & butter (gf)

Main Courses

Roast turkey, sage & onion stuffing, pigs in blankets (gf)
Baked fillet of salmon, in a lemon & chive sauce (gf)
Stuffed aubergine with a tomato sauce (v, gf)
All seved with honey glazed carrots, brussel sprouts & roast potatoes.


Christmas pudding brandy sauce (v,gf)
Homemade profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce (v, gf)
Homemade vanilla cheesecake with rum and fruit coulis (v, gf)

(v) indicates vegetarian option available. (gf) indicates gluten free option available.

There will be music/disco after the meal

This year the club would like to offer to pay for the meals of any full member and there partner attending the event.

For the free meals
a. You must book and pay the deposit on or before 5th Nov
b. You must be a full member
c. 2nd meal can only cover partners. Not friends and other family members.
d. A non refundable (if cancelled) £10 deposit is required for the free meal per person, this will be refunded at the event ( the club does not want to be out of pocket for any cancellations last minute)
Deposit to be paid in club shop. Link below.

To book in for this event call the hotel on the number below and quote GTOUK Christmas party to book rooms and food choices.
(If no room is needed you will still need to call and give food orders)
Last year card details were taken to book rooms when booking and payment was taken the morning after the event when checking out.

TEL: 01509 672427

If you have any issues please let one of us know

This is always a great get together to end the year on a high.
Hope to see you there.

Please add yourselves and menu choices to the list as you book.


Silly question but what happened to we were not going to use that place again ?

A discussion regarding a change in venue took place.
We looked at alternative venues but couldn’t find one that would work for members.
Lots of issues.
High prices
Payments needed in full by beginning of Sep
Prices of rooms not being able to be held

The vast majority of members enjoy the Xmas party at this venue.
It’s central location, reasonable prices, ease of payment for members and us not being over powered by a room of say 300 people struggling to get to the bar to get a drink make it ideal for the club members.
We will never find a venue that pleases everyone but hope this one keeps the majority happy.
I personally only had 1 person raise an issue.
They put there point across and we took it all on board.
If anyone would like to talk over any issues about venues give me or another committee member a pm. Always happy to hear how you felt about an event, and if anyone has good ideas for events or venues that would be great.


The kegworth have been very good to us over the years and also very accommodating especially when we used to fill the bar area , tried the big venue at the Hilton and personally for me I hated the place , far too busy and the club pretty much got lost in there


Room booked, couldn’t give food choices today as Lauren not in, so will phone back tomorrow.


2 Soup
1 Turkey
1 Salmon
2 Cheesecake

Meal deposits paid.



Where did you here that Colin?

We as a Committee have never discussed never returning, as @jensen360 stated we are always looking at different venues. He has spent a lot of time and effort looking into/arranging this.

Again we have tried another venue before and it turned out to be a disaster, we were lost and split up in a party that was made up of 30 plus groups.

With this tried and trusted venue we do tend to take over the hotel creating our own atmosphere. Saying that it does depend on numbers from the membership.

For me it’s all about the people and as with any event it is what you make it.



Unable to make it as it’s my work Christmas party on the same night, will hopefully make it next year tho.


Me and Soph will be there :grin:


Just to confirm there is no payment needed when booking your room, as @jensen360 said, it’s the same as last year you don’t pay until checkout.

They will ask you for card details when you book, but no money is taken, it’s only to secure the booking.

Payment on the Sunday morning can then be made by cash or any card, doesn’t have to be the one you booked with.



Will book mine tomorrow :+1:


The woman on reception didn’t have a clue and couldn’t find the party and told me to ring back to Moore when someone else is on :rofl:


It has all been set up with a lady called Catherine.
Possibly not been communicated all the way down the lines yet mate :joy:
Give them a call again tomorrow and if you have issues we will call them back.


Is the weak point of the Trade , I know this very well :wink::smile:


I asked @Colin_GTO to check a new venue in Coventry as discussed for me back at the beginning of the year… the information came from me right or wrong, those that complained did so… I don’t see that they have commented so let’s leave it at that.

I’m sure it will be fine given the efforts of @jensen360 has put into changing it up a gear.

Dave v8


Must be that funny accent you have Kevin it was very straight forward when I rang :joy::joy::joy:

Anyone ringing up don’t choose any of the options just wait to be answered.



Room booked , I spoke to Lauren but she hasn’t been told anything about it yet by Catherine , I have told her to expect more phone calls though so you should all be good :+1:


Just phoned the hotel back to give our food order, spoke to Lauren, all went fine.

She has other room bookings but ours was the only food order, so if anyone has booked a room, they need to phone with the food order.



Just rang up and still no idea what’s going on she’s had my number and going to get back to me she’s saying there is no booking for Gtouk :man_facepalming:t4::rofl:

Who did you speak too Kev ? I spoke to Lauren and although she wasn’t totally aware I told her the room price that was discounted and she put it through

I did speak to Lauren as well this morning.
She said she wasn’t totally aware of the GTOUK booking but would catch up with Catherine.
We have only just finished confirming our special rate room prices, free meals for members and partners ect on Friday.
Just a case of some staff coming into work but not yet knowing about the booking or full details of our members discounts.
Sure they will all be up to speed very soon :grinning: