GTOUK Christmas Party, 15th December 2018 - FINAL LINE UP


I’m not sure who I spoke to but I’ve reserved a room so I’m half way there :rofl:


All booked :grin:


Please add yourself as you book a room and/or food

  1. Steve and Tracy
  2. Craig
  3. Kevin and Sophie
  4. Jensen and Lil


The deadline for booking the free meals is 5th November, so don’t miss out guys.



all booked


Please add yourself as you book a room and/or food

  1. Steve and Tracy
  2. Craig
  3. Kevin and Sophie
  4. Jensen and Lil
  5. Mark Leach
  6. Stephen (SKL) + Kirstin
  7. Simon


I’ll confirm it with the boss , but it’s about time I showed my face. Anyone taking their children? Or is it a lads thing?


Not the best for children as it tends to be a bit of afternoon drinking - dinner then more evening drinks.



Only 3 weeks left until deadline for the free meals.

£10 deposit pp. This is refunded back to you at the event.


Assuming I don’t get a last minute assignment, I shall be coming alone. Mrs T will be busy having her Xmas party.
However that won’t mean I can’t drink and enjoy the scene.
I will book up just before the deadline as i don’t want to tempt fate. _


Be good to meet you @tomkeep1985 and @martyn1 hope you can both make it, it’s a nice relaxed ice breaker for new members ready for the main show season next year.



What do I need to pay and when?


Are you staying over night Tom?
And is it just you coming?


Just be me mate, prob not staying. I’m not really a drinker , I’d have two beers and crash.


The club will pay for your meal mate.
all you have to do is pay a £10 deposit in the club shop. Here IS the link.

You will get the £10 back at the xmas do.
All you need to do then is choose what you want to eat from the menu at the top of this post.
Then call the hotel 01509 672427 tell them you are booking a meal for the GTOUK party, and let them know your food choices. (you don’t need to pay anything to hotel)
If your partner decides to come just do the same for her as well mate as the club will pay for her meal as well.
If you could post up your food choice on here it will help, so we can confirm with the hotel everyone’s choices before the event.


Wicked. I’ll do that Friday :slight_smile: I’m happy to pay for my food if I have too. I’ll book it and post it !


That’s it put your food choices up in this post , menu is at the top of this post Tom


I would love to come guys but Xmas :christmas_tree: is my busiest time at work ( I know being a chef sucks during Xmas but I do get covered in chocolate and gingerbread biscuits :joy::joy::joy:)so hope you Al have a good one and I’ll see you all next season for sure.
Jerry :grinning:


What time is it all kicking of? So I can try and plan around this.




Me and the wife (Kirstin) will be there :slight_smile:

Kirstin: Soup, Turkey, Profiteroles
Me: Prawn cocktail, Turkey, Christmas pudding

I think I saw Jensen already added us to a list earlier in the thread.