GTOUK Christmas Party, 15th December 2018 - FINAL LINE UP


Normally start getting there around lunchtime :+1:


Id love to come along, but its a bit of a trek for me :frowning: Hopefully in the new year once the beast is at 100% health ill make a few trips south :slight_smile:


Cool might do a morning shift and see u there for lunch time. Once I make payment will confirm food selection as would be good to meet up. Plus it’s really not that far to me.




Prawn cocktail with marie rose sauce, served with brown bread & butter (gf)

Main Courses

Roast turkey, sage & onion stuffing, pigs in blankets (gf)

All seved with honey glazed carrots, brussel sprouts & roast potatoes.


Christmas pudding brandy sauce (v,gf)


Definitely coming to this although will just be me as we can’t get anyone to look after the children- will sort out at weekend - currently lecturing for a customer training course :sleeping:



Was hoping the family could come and leave you at home tbh , ne mind aye


I’ve thought about this alot… I really struggled at JAE hence why I really felt the need to go home.
I would love to see you all… but it’s still early days and I do still struggle with my demons and find it especially hard to be near a bar and avoid those situations.

It’s going to be a hard enough time of year for me as it is.

Anna has asked about us going as she’s wanting too see ppl but I’m sticking to my guns and saying no this time.

Have a great time… will see you all next year at some point.



Shame if you two are not there but you are doing right by yourself Dave so stay strong.


Jensen and Lil

2x Prawn cocktail

2x roast turkey

Xmas pud


Deadline for full members and partners free meals is 5th of November guys.
Only 2 weeks away.


@Silverfox told me he was booking last week, he’s a bit like @just_cool needs organising :joy::joy::joy:



xmas meals for me a soph

starters :
home made leek and potato
prawn cocktail

roast turkey

home made vanilla cheese cake please.

thank you.


Will book room tomorrow for Dalia and myself.
For meals
2 soup
1 Turkey
1 Aubergine
1 xmas pud
1 cheesecake

See you there.


So the only people to have paid for food are

Kevin Rhodes x2
Jerry Castle x 2
Stephen Lang x 2
Simon Baker x1
Tracy Parkin x2
Craig Heritage x 1
Jenson Richardson x2

12 in total

Dan was trying to pay

Not Paid

Ibrar Hussain
Martyn Thomas
Mark Leach



Unfortunately I won’t be making it to this Xmas meal. I’ve been booked up by my work. I tried to get the time off a little too late for this year.


@3000gt I know Dan is coming I have contacted him to ask what problems he had booking so we can sort it for him.I also believe @just_cool is struggling to buy the Meal but I don’t know what problem that is at the moment, his room is already booked



I raised dan with Stephen Lang


Yes I mailed him but I’ve not heard back


I’ve booked :slight_smile:


Please can I have:

  • Homemade leak and potato spiced soup (v, gf)
  • Roast turkey, sage & onion stuffing, pigs in blankets (gf)
  • Homemade profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce (v, gf)

Thanks! :smiley: