GTOUK Christmas Party, 15th December 2018 - FINAL LINE UP



Full members and partners free meals order deadline is in 5 days guys.
We have had a few issues for a couple of members trying to complete orders in the club shop. If you have any issues please let us know.


Paying mine this Friday, then I’ll post my meal up. Looking forward to meeting you guys :slight_smile:



Kevin Rhodes x2
Jerry Castle x 2
Stephen Lang x 2
Simon Baker x1
Tracy Parkin x2
Craig Heritage x 1
Jenson Richardson x2
Dan x 1

13 in total



Just tried to buy the meal and I’m signed in. Keeps telling me to sign in which I am? Anyone know why? Thanx


@skl are you able to help Tom with this at all please?



Hi @tomkeep1985, sorry about that. Please can you try the shop order again as the issue should’ve been resolved now.


Hey mate, just tried again , go to checkout and it says sign in which I am. Click sign in and it just keeps staying on home page? Anyway of transferring one of you the money for my meal? Sorry to be a pain.


Not sure Tom but we’ll get it sorted and get you booked in before the deadline on Monday.



Don’t worry @tomkeep1985 I cant seem to get past the log in either. Its for 2 meals @Tracie, will then put my menu choices up.

Also, do I have to ring the Hotel please :hugs:

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi Terry
Yes mate you will need to ring the hotel and give your food choices.


if you want to send me the money paypal

yes Terry you need to book the room



Alright sb I’ll do that tonight or tomoz. Then ring hotel with my food choices?


@tomkeep1985 as Simon said just PayPal the Meal Deposit if that is easier.

You too @just_cool.



Thanks @Tracie, will sort the monies to @3000gt and ring the Hotel. Do I have to tell them what you sorted.

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi @3000gt Simon, have just sent you the money for the food . Do I put my choices up here or give them to the Hotel?

Terry :sunglasses:


Oh right, that’s a shame. I did the same thing to silverfox’s account and that worked for him so it could be another issue. I’ll take this off thread and PM you when I get a chance to look into it in more detail. Same for you @just_cool. Thanks 3000gt for offering PayPal direct.

If anyone else has this issue please post here:


I had the same issue when trying to do it from my phone but the laptop lets u do it :grin:


Hi @just_cool and @tomkeep1985
If you could phone the hotel and give your food choices to them please.
Just mention it’s for the GTOUK Christmas party.
You don’t pay anything to the hotel.
Then if you could put your food choices up here so we can check with the hotel nearer the date that all food orders have been taken and are correct.
Thanks guys :beers::tada:


What’s the hotel number mate? Where is the food list ? Transferred money to sb :slight_smile:


Hi Tom.
Hotel telephone number and food choices are at the top of the post here mate.