GTOUK Christmas Party, 15th December 2018 - FINAL LINE UP


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It’s normal to have to sign into the shop after signing into the forum, but the shop shouldn’t ask you to sign in again after that.


Soup turkey cheesecake


Sorted with the Hotel too, see all you peeps there.

Terry :sunglasses:


Room and menu choices all sorted. :grinning:


Sorry I haven’t updated earlier. But as you know I can’t make the 15th of december. My man is flying over from the states and staying with me from the 13th for a week. But I will make it up and come to an event after Christmas. Got some good news thoe , got headhunted at work to go work at a Mercedes and bmw specialist garage in luton. Way more money and better career prospects!!! I’m well bloody chuffed !! I’m only an apprentice but I’m earning more money than most lvl3s that are working there!!! Futures looking bright and Gtos coming off the road to sort a few little pieces out, nothing major. So I’ve decided to buy a Saab 93 tid 05 plate for 400 to use as a daily driver :))


Looks like things are going well for you Tom, well done. I know how it feels having the car off the road.

Terry :sunglasses:


Just got a gearbox leak but common on mk1s and a set of rear pads and just need to underseal the front half of the car , apart from that she’s sweet :slight_smile: new wheels and a respray after Christmas and I think I’m done till something else pops up :)))


@Daveperkins will be your new best friend then :joy:


I think the Merc is about to become the shortest car purchase ever… the garages have had it longer than me :rofl:

Good luck @tomkeep1985 clearly lots too learn about Mercs :rofl:

Disability Dave :grin:


Hi Jenson,

Please count Hawk and Mutley99 in for the meal. Looking forward to meeting all :slight_smile:


Great turn out this year, looks like everyone is in the mood to party GTOUK style, either that or Jensen has some superior organising skills not seen before :kissing_heart:

So here we have the final line up, see you all on the 15th, looking forward to it.


Kevin Rhodes x2
Jerry Castle x 2
Stephen Lang x 2
Simon Baker x1
Tracy Parkin x2
Craig Heritage x 1
Jenson Richardson x2
Dan x 1
Terry & Vera x 2
Markie x 1
James x 2
Lukas x 1
Ibby x 1
Mark Leach
Hawk x 1
Mutley x 1
Kawascouse + 3

27 in total



Hi guys, I find out later today if I can book it of work or not, is it too late to book my place on then?
Also my girlfriend may be able to attend but we won’t know until about a week before the event itself, would it be possible to pop her on at the last minute if she can come to? (Obviously. Would get a double room just in case)


Hi Charlie,

Great that you can make it now.

If you book your room at the hotel and give them your food choices just for yourself in case your g/f can’t make it. Quote GTOUK Xmas party when phoning.

Then… PayPal £10 for your meal deposit To the Club (refunded to you later) to

Deal Closed

Then that will be you booked in, we need to know you food choices too. Post them up here :hugs:

I need to check with @3000gt what we could do about a booking for the meal a week before for your girlfriend, is this possible to sort Simon.



Hope you can make it Charlie


So to confirm The Xmas free meal deal is now shut, If anyone wishes to still attend you will need to contact the hotel directly and pay for the room and meal directly, providing your menu choice

Both the booking details and menu are above



That’s fine. I’m still waiting to hear back from my boss about the holiday.


Hi Tracie,

Hawk (Geoff) would like:

Prawn cocktail
Main Turkey

Mutley 99 (Ian)

Prawn cocktail
Main Turkey

What time is the meal?
Do we still have to ring the hotel and tell them what we want?


Hi Ian
Yes you still need to call the hotel and let them know food choices please.


Hi Jensen,
Rang left message for them to ring me back.
What time is the meal arranged for?


I am ugrading. My wife will come with me. Room at hotel upgraded, but payment for food I will do tommorrow.