GTOUK @ Practical Classic Classic Car Show at the NEC 23rd March 2018

(Jerry Castle) #1

After the success last weekend the next event at the NEC is coming up on the 23-25 March next year.
So looking to hear from those who would like to exhibit their cars over the three days, Friday to Sunday and those who would come and help man the stand.
For those that do, free entry and we can shift the stand time so we all get a chance to see and get around the event, these shows are terrific events for presenting the club and the cars and talking to the classic car world (eg the Modern Classic Mag possibility) the interest we get is amazing.
So let’s hear from those who would like to be a part of this and get our team together.
Cheers all

(Kevin Rhodes) #2

I’m in :grin: see you all there, my car needs to be on stand of course as she’s a regular and likes the lime light :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jerry Castle) #3

I have selected General as l cannot select future dvents in topics.

(Jerry Castle) #4

Cheers Kev, and l suppose l better put myself down as well!!!


Now in future events Jerry

Provisionally I will say yes , though there are plenty more shiney cars in the club than mine that would pop under the lights

(Jerry Castle) #6

Cheers Craig

(Scott Robertshaw) #7

My red girl is on standby

(Jerry Castle) #8

Goodo Scott

(Tracy Parkin) #9

The Hulk would like to strut his stuff at this if possible.

Tracie :open_hands:

(Jerry Castle) #10

That would be great

(Jensen Richardson) #11

Would love to be there again Jerry.

(Kevin Rhodes) #12

Only if you wrap it black as you would take up all the lime light :joy: only joking the hulk would we awesome there :ok_hand:

(Jerry Castle) #13

Hi all
So far up to 6 cars, l need to pitch to the organisers asap so are there any others out there who want to add to the list.
Please post up in the next couple of days if this appeals.

(Paul Wright) #14

Put me down as a tentative please @jerry_SC


(Tracy Parkin) #15

Jerry I can think of at least 2 off the top of my head which will be head turners but still in build process and I’m sure there are others.

I doubt people are able to comit at this stage… 4+ months away but think it would be unfair to exclude them.

I’m sure we must have more time than the next couple of days???

Tracie :hugs:

(Jerry Castle) #16

It’s that Alison who does the stand allocation says she has started allocating space (as soon as the last show finished) and is oversubscribed on clubs wanting to be there. l want to flag up how many cars we think we can show as l want to get the space we will like rather than wait and see what we get offered which l think could be the same as last March, 3-4 cars, l hope we can get more and l just want to hear from those who want to be part of the show so l can pitch accordingly. Ultimately they will give us what they decide so I want for us to be in the best position possible.
(We will have to take the cars there from the Wednesday/Thursday to the Sunday and get accomodation etc so l realise its not for everybody.)
That’s why l was asking for a quick response.
For those doing builds there will l hope be future NEC shows and if we have more cars than space available we will need to decide via the club which ones, don’t want to see anyone excluded but the sooner I pitch the more space l hope we will get.

(Jerry Castle) #17

Any more want to flag up for this, if you are doing a resto and you would like to be in this type of event please say even if you don’t think your car will be ready in March, we can bear in mind for future NEC events. And if you are thinking my car is not show level also flag up s we can clean them up and they need not be bonnet up, loads of cars exhibit with barriers around them so you just take in the exterior.
Don’t be shy!!!


You got any treatment on your carpet or do I need a drip tray ?

The Big Sulley Reveal
(David Perkins) #19

Will definitely visit this time but can’t do a 4 day show Jerry soz mk3 or not :joy:
Dave x

(Jerry Castle) #20

No probs Craig l used a spare piece of carpet!!