GTOUK @ Practical Classic Classic Car Show at the NEC 23rd March 2018

(Kevin Rhodes) #21

Or a drop box​:man_facepalming:t4: I remember the days I’d leave a oil trail behind me so glad mines dry for now :grin:


A small bit of seepage keeps the underneath oiled so helps keep the rusticles at bay :joy:

(Jerry Castle) #23

Hi Folks
To keep this updated l have pitched for space for those above who wish to show their cars. The feedback is that we will most likely get the same space as last year which was 6m x 12m but this Clarion will confirm. Hope we get a bit more but we must wait and see.
Just thinking about how many cars we can show.
Will update asap.

(Scott Robertshaw) #24

6x12m is about 5 cars with room inbetween?

(Jerry Castle) #25

5 is really pushing it, 4 was planned last March and we had 3, 5 would be like a car park on that area. Photo of what we did in March.


If space is tight I’m happy to drop back and let others show , see what comes back though Jerry

(Jerry Castle) #27

Yeah let’s see, just want for us to know what l do, it’s very much a club thing and all be aware.

(Tracy Parkin) #28

That would be a shame Craig think your car would look stunning on the stand and bring a lot of attention to the Club, which is what it’s all about.

Tracie :dog:


Aww thanks Tracy
Just thinking if we are struggling for space then I don’t mind saving a few days holiday :innocent:


Hi Jerry , I’m going to drop out of this now mate , thought I would let you know earlier than later :+1:

(Jerry Castle) #31

Cheers Craig, hope you will still come to the show and good luck with what you want to do.

(Tracy Parkin) #32

Just a thought @jerry_SC as you have been here before maybe you could post up some Hotel options with Links to prices, websites and locality to the NEC to encourage Members.

This is a Great show as we saw last October but we need to remember cost and time away from family or work always is a consideration and unlike others this us a 3 day event which, if you know of any good Hotel deals in the area it might help enabling members further afield to attend and get the show on the road so to speak.

Just trying to boost this as it really is worth going to even as a day event oot passenger, which we did in October without the Hulk, but Club cars there is what we want to see.

Tracie :dog:

(Jerry Castle) #33

Not sure how gou do links but l,ve booked Ibis styles on site and there is ibis budget at 229 and 211 respectiveky for three nights right now, booked my room today. 0.7 miles from the nec itself

(David Perkins) #34

(David Perkins) #35

(David Perkins) #36

(Jerry Castle) #37

Cheers Dave, hope you might get there on one of the days

(Tracy Parkin) #38

Hotel booked, looking forward to it :grin:


(Tracy Parkin) #39

Hi Jerry,

Are there any restrictions on how much petrol can be in the tank with it being an indoor show as I know the Jap Performance show did have?



(Jerry Castle) #40

Hi Tracie
You are correct, they like cars to be low on fuel, and batteries disconnected but they have never checked in the past.
But l have signed the invoice/agreement and will forward you the exhibitor manual etc when l get it shortly, has all the stand stuff in in and loads of other stuff.
Catch up soon Jerry