GTOUK @ Practical Classic Classic Car Show at the NEC 23rd March 2018

(Tracy Parkin) #41

Thanks Jerry.


(Kevin Rhodes) #42

Ye they have never checked but I’ve been told they like it at a quarter or below

(Tracy Parkin) #43

Big mahoosive weekend this weekend, me planning, packing and check, check parrot food/arrangements, these two don’t take well to us being away 2 nights :disappointed_relieved:

Meanwhile Daddy Hulk will be out in apparently Beast from The East Mk2 having a lovely freezing cuddle prepping his boy and making him look super handsome.

Looking forward to it something we haven’t done before and seeing the new Sulley will be awesome, so all in all should be a great weekend.


(Jensen Richardson) #44

Really looking foward to this as well @Tracie.
Just seen the hulk engine bay pics. Glad my bonnet is staying closed, just a quick check the engine is there before I leave and done :joy:
Lots of other prep to do but should be done in time.
First meet of the season is always an exciting time.
Look foward to seeing you all there.

(Jerry Castle) #45

White car getting some bodywork done then checking over, cleaning and done a few tweeks to smarten up the engine bay, suspension already done, should be a fantastic start to the season.
Kevin is getting his car spotless as well, NEC here we come.

(David Perkins) #46

The best From the east isn’t supposed to be too bad… less wind… I’m holding it in till after the nec for you :rofl:

(Kevin Rhodes) #47

I think I’m just going to spend the day there on the Thursday polishing inside and out by hand by the looks of it unless I can nick a socket for my detailer :crazy_face:

(Tracy Parkin) #48

So peeps, this is next Friday, Saturday & Sunday and GTOUK will be there with 4 Club cars doing us proud.

Especially with a first time reveal for @jensenrichardson and his Sulley after the huge rebuild you’ve read about on here, this once… as it’s an indoor meet, Sulley will be up on ramps with mirrors placed underneath, a one off chance, not to be missed to see the huge amount of work undertaken.

Day tickets are £18 and can be bought in advance HERE

GTOUK are in Hall 5, Plot 495 as shown on this map (sorry about screenshot, can’t upload PDF’s), far right, 2 up from the Live Stage where Wheeler Dealers lads do their stuff over the weekend.

Hope to see some of you there on one of the days.


(Jerry Castle) #49

Yes. Come on down or up Guys and Girls, this is a massive event, great start to the season the best place to be next weekend.
Come and support your club, all those new and newish members, come and say hello, and all the old ones as well, that’s everybody in Gtouk be great to see you there.


Must admit looking at that map you put up up @Tracie it’s tempting ,

How big is that glass of wine :flushed: Wouldn’t mind a few of them , the bloke and woman that work in the bar look huge though and I doubt I could eat you seen the size of the knife and fork

(Jensen Richardson) #51

You going to come Craig?


No mate won’t be there , should catch up with you folks at Jae :+1:

(Tracy Parkin) #53

He’s just taking the ■■■■ as usual Jensen :joy::upside_down_face::joy:


(Tracy Parkin) #54

Well where were you @DavePerkins big fail it’s been a blizzard all day and still going :flushed: nothing like prepping a car in the :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :sob::sob::sob:


(David Perkins) #55

Sorry let a small one slip :rofl:
■■■■■■■■ that car cleaning… cosy toes all tucked up indoors :joy:

(Tracy Parkin) #56

Oh… you don’t have wrap anymore, hope you do a FB Live when you get out your shampoo and Mr Sheen for Japfest :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: this I have got to see, Mr I Don’t Need to polish my car :rofl:


(David Perkins) #57

@Colin_GTO said he will do it for me, dusty bin only needs a bin liner put in it :rofl:
Seriously will be polishing naf all…no wax on wax off for me… apprentice time.

(David Perkins) #58

I stand corrected @Tracie it’s dirty already :sob: @ScottMR I need you :joy:

(Jerry Castle) #59

Four days to go, the best place to be this weekend, need l say more?

(Mark Peasnall) #60

i don’t know spearmint rhino seems pretty good to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy::joy: