GTOUK @ Practical Classic Classic Car Show at the NEC 23rd March 2018


Well I was going to be watching Saturday night takeaway , guess that’s knackered that , need something else to do now so while it’s tempting pretty sure I’ve got homes under the hammer on series link , phew


GTOUK does a strip club, stuff the microbrewery tour I’m in charge @jerry_SC you my man Friday…sat… Sunday :astonished:


More like ■■■■■■ under the hammer :joy:


Well like the others showing at this event, it’s been hectic getting ready. The HULK is about done apart from a quick wash tomorrow.

I have created a Banner for the club stand relating to my ventures with this car.

To those driving down tomorrow have a safe trip.

Hopefully see some off you there over the weekend.



Great work for GTOUK :+1:


Epic… Group buy anyone? :rofl:


I want 1 now :rofl:


You got way too many photos… you need a bill board :joy:


Billboard folder :ok_hand: like block busters used to have with all the posters on that you could buy :crazy_face:


Fab Steve, really looking forward to this see you tomorrow, ps don,t forget your hi-vis.


Show prep done all ready for in the morning


@kevin_rhodes is that enough carpet to cover our stand or do I need to bring a roll as well?
Don’t want to squeeze one in the car if it’s not needed mate.


Not sure only 1 way to find out :grin:


I will bring one mate. Better safe than sorry :joy:


Omg my weekend just got better… gotta see this :joy:


I’ll post a pic with it on tomorrow :crazy_face:


Facebook cover photo… hope its a green hi Vis @stevie :joy:… smile for the camera :rofl:


Unfortunately it’s a b&q yellow 1 :crazy_face:


How did you guess :rofl:

Thanks @Tracie you sure do amaze me.



Bet it says GTOUK build up crew on the back :rofl: