GTOUK @ Practical Classic Classic Car Show at the NEC 23rd March 2018


Forgot @Tracie don’t do normal.:grin::grin::grin:



Says this on the back though @stevie



I think the correct terminology is Man Servant Craig :joy::joy::joy:



You little :poop:


Could be worse here’s @jensenrichardson one



Jerry’s still got one from the 90’s :wink:


@jensenrichardson remember though you will also have the 4 mirrors and your car picture to get in going home :wink:



:persevere: so busy concentrating on getting there didn’t think of this. It will be fine. I’m sure…ish.


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You couldn’t handle what I’m on mate :joy::joy: my blood would poison most normal people .

Have a great time to all you folks going :+1:

Cars are looking superb


Hey Colin thats a Hulkakini, can we fit Gtouk on there somewhere?


Whose is the white one??




Tis mine…(10 c)


Very sexy! What’s it running?


Basically stock, got it as a fresh import, no rust, had the wheels on and l,'ve added a few bits, it’s an Mr as well, best spec in my book, but when l saw a genuine mk4 just did not want to miss it


You import it yourself? White looks lovely , espically that big ass spoiler!, but the front of the mk1s have the edge :wink:


No l got it from a dealer in Keighley, he had just got it in, he had two more last time l checked, both Mk two,s. It’s just how Mitsubishi made it more or less spoiler and all.
Thanks for the appreciation and if you are anywhere near the Nec this weekend…


Please use picture post for photos guys… makes the job easier :+1:

Looks like a killer stand :+1:


Pre drinks before a long first day at the show :grin:
Everyone who can come down and have a look it’s a great show :grin: