GTOUK @ Practical Classic Classic Car Show at the NEC 23rd March 2018

(Jerry Castle) #102

Roll up, roll up folks.

(Mark Peasnall) #103

You do know it’s Friday and most folks are at work don’t you :joy::joy::joy:

(Justin Mandeville) #104

Nice to go down and meet the crew today. After being a member for around 4 years, I’ve never ventured out to any meets. I can honestly say that I was made to feel welcome and like one of the team. Thanks guys. Gtouk all the way…

Oh n a little man seems to love his gtouk merch n won’t let anyone else near it :joy::joy:


(Tracy Parkin) #105

Great to finally meet you Jus and your lad was a star, really cute.

Glad you enjoyed the day hope to catch up with you again at some more meets.


(Justin Mandeville) #106

He gets it from his mom :anguished::anguished::disappointed_relieved:

I’ll certainly be coming along to more this year. See you then.


(Jerry Castle) #107

Great Jus, good to meet you and junior, thanks for coming along.

(Spiros Kapadohas) #108

Forbidden phrase am afraid ! :laughing:

(Jerry Castle) #109

Great weekend, thanks all for support great crew to be with, excellent time for Gtouk. Now on my way home and picked up some parts from Dave Demarco.
How about this for a cool looking GTO, great guy, pleasure meeting up with him.


(Tracy Parkin) #110

Great weekend @jerry_SC thanks for organising this one and also to all the others involved in set up on Thursday.

Who is Dave Demarco?


(Jerry Castle) #111

He is a member, and has joined/rejoined recently, he put up some items for sale last night, so dead easy to pick them up on the way home, hope he posts on the forum. Lovely looking car…

(Jerry Castle) #112

Ps like my new title

(Jonathan Farbowski) #113

Nice to meet you today, @jerry_SC.

Talked to you for a while and bought the kids some merchandise! I’ll be trying to get the GTO back on the road later this year.

Thanks for the intro back into the club.

(Jerry Castle) #114

Thank you and my pleasure.

(Jerry Castle) #115

Thinking a bit more about the last three days this morning, an excellent event for Gtouk, the public gave a great response to our presentation, there was nothing else like it at the event. GTO Hulk was drawing big crowds amazed with the car, Jensen,s chassis work was brilliantly displayed with the ramps and mirrors impressing massively with what he has done.
Kevin’s car and story was hitting the show visitors as they came across us his engine bay attracting many photos, my car did ok as well.
The organisers certainly picked up on how we did our thing.
Big thanks to Lukas, Mark and Dan for being part of this as well, lots of hands needed to speak to all our visitors not that we could catch them all, just too many.
Great to have Stan along from Hartlepool Rad Co, with the fuel tanks and intercoolers very much adding to our display.
Even got the W D guys in on the act, well done Lukas, Kevin and Steve right at the close.
There was chance for us all to look around this event and see some of the other amazing motors on display, the trade stands and chill for a bit when those legs were aching!
Hope we get into the Classic Motor Show in November, Clarion,s next event, l hope to hear soon.
What a weekend for our club and our cars.

(Steve Parkin) #116

Well done Jerry for organising this event, hard 3 days for myself and Trace only getting 3 hours sleep after the first day, really struggled to get through the rest of the event as I for one was totally knackered.

Our club was certainly popular over the full event, the guys that were there made it for me as everyone pitched in.

Your White MR Jerry is stunning but for me the Thupercharger being at this kind of event will blow them away.
Jensen simply seeing what you have achieved under your car is far beyond what I saw in the pics and truly amazing.
Kev, just one word buddy," beautiful" how the hell you maintain the looks of that car, always created alot of interest with everyone at the show.

Thank you to the guys Mark, Lucas & Dan adding to creating a stand, taking alot of time to speak to the public.

Certainly was a proud and exciting time over the 3 days,

Well done to everyone once more.


(Jensen Richardson) #117

Just about recovered. :grinning:
What a great show.
Again thank you to everyone involved.
The club display was amazing.
On a personal note I would like to thank Steve, Tracey and Dave for ramps,mirrors and display boards. These helped me display Sulley perfectly at the Nec.
Great start to show season 2018.

(Mark Leach) #118

great weekend
the 4 cars on the stand got lots of attention from the public
big thanks to jerry for his time organising this event

(Kevin Rhodes) #119

Ye fantastic weekend now we are all getting the hang of it :grin: everyone does there bit and all 4 cars have there own unique qualities, I think for the next show I need some better comfortable shoes and maybe find something to do to my car to pass some time, maybe a brake overhaul etc like some of the other stands do :grin: until the next time I see you all at the Agm :ok_hand: