Headlight washer tank filler cap

Hi everyone.
Since my headlight washer tank cap is broken and it’s not possible to find a new one I wanted to ask if any other caps fits ? From other Mitsubishi’s and etc.

Maybe someone in the past discovered any good replacement.
Thanks in advance!

Mine was missing for years - when I took the front bumper off I found it wedged on top of the crash bar :joy: worth double checking it’s not hidden somewhere.


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No no, mine is broken for sure. I have the broken cap on my hands.

I’ve been looking for something that fits for ages! I have a plastic bag and an elastic band on there at the moment :grin:

I have a semi loose plastic cap on mine that sits enough, has good clearance and nothing really gets under it.

I’ll check tomorrow exactly what it is

This might solve your issue


This is for the windshield as I see.
In my case I have issue with a front headlight washer tank cap. Those caps are in different sizes.

Any updates of what you have there ? What kind of cap

Sorry will get a pic tomorrow when it’s daylight s I’ve had to go into the office last 2 days.

Hi I have this, it’s actalually push tight, won’t come off while driving. Forgot what I took it off, maybe some cleaning liquid from kitchen stuff?

Yeah, looks like from some liquid stuff. But atleast it fits

Maybe bleach but yeah it is a rather good fit and a useful temporary measure to stop any crud going in there.

Mine has also completely disintegrated, so I decided to put my 3D printer to good use.

I did manage to get a good result with a good fit and a nice firm click when mounted.

Hope it lasts when exposed to the environment and temperatures in the engine bay.


Nice work! I’d love to buy one if you feel like making another?

Oohhh that’s amazing! I would love to buy from you as well if u decide to make them for us

I would love to make some for those of you that need them, but unfortunately it wouldn’t make sense due to import taxes etc. as I am located in Denmark (Thank you Brexit!)

I will, however, be happy to share the design file, so if anybody local to you can print it, that will be the best solution.

I am not sure how to share the design as this forum only allows images to be uploaded, but I’ll figure something out in case there is a demand.


I was leaving in DK for a couple of years (in Copenhagen), was good memories.
Do you know what is the size of the design file? I think it can be shared through some free online services like https://wetransfer.com/ or similar.

@3000GT_DK , not sure if you have seen the message above :slight_smile:

Yes, I have seen it. I am currently trying to figure out the customs rules for UK, and it seems that I can send gifts, not exceeding a value of £39 without any VAT or customs duty. Can you confirm that this is true and that you will not have to pay any fees?

Since the material cost for one of these is around 10p, I can send a bunch of these to you, easily without exceeding that limit. You can then distribute them to whoever is interested, perhaps at the Christmas party. If you are interested, please PM me your address for shipment.

I am not looking at charging you for these, consider this my payback to the club that has helped me so much over the years.

I will start production immediately.


I am based in Germany/Munich so I don’t know anything about UK rules. Maybe other guys based in UK could clarify this.

But the idea is pretty cool.