Hello...picking up my first GTO today! *OR NOT!*

Hello all, it seemed as though this should be the place to ask questions about this car :smile:

I’m off to pick up my first GTO tonight, understandably a little apprehensive, as I have looked online for some advice about buying. The money is here but obviously I don’t want to buy a dog.
The car in question is an NA GT from '93 with 69K on the clock. Recent service of belts, water pump etc which from what I read is required at 60,000. This is a good start and the description of the car is that it is pretty faultless. She’s an import and so when I go to look at the car tonight, I wanted to arm myself with a bit more than the usual ‘old car’ checks.

Thanks a lot guys. If all goes well i’ll post photos etc when I can.

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Welcome mate! Get some pics up when you can! Belt service is 60000miles or 5 years whichever comes first I believe. But if it’s done and can be proved it’s done with receipts then no need to worry!

All the info you need is in here

Welcome to the club btw, arming yourself with info is the best thing to do.
Make sure everything works, every button does what it’s supposed to do.
Check for sill rust (imports are suffering now with age and British weather)
Oil cooler pipes (inside the passenger wheel arch in front of the tire) should be dry and rust free
If leaking or swapping oil you’ll need to replace them and probably the cooler as a matter of urgency.
You can usually see them on a mk1 through the bumper vents at the side of the car :slight_smile:
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Hi and Welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

You are certainly in the right place


Craig :slight_smile:

Welcome along and as I always say join the AA ( not the motor breakdown service one ) your gonna need it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Good luck tonight

Dave I’m pretty sure no one here needs to join the AA. Everyone on here drinks and its a necessity but no one thinks it’s a problem (except my missus but that’s only because she’s pregnant and can’t drink)!!

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Only problem i personally have with drink is when the fridge is empty , that proper yanks my chain , thats when the xmas drinks and left over bottles get attacked , window cleaner is a good tide over until the off licence opens again tbh

Craig :smile:


My performance is down mate Mrs not happy (not the car :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

What brand mate :+1: Will get some in :joy:

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Hey guys, thanks for the warm reception on my first post.
Sadly I have had my time wasted. If you’d like to view the car in question, it is here… http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181841045654?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

This may have already appeared on the forum or whatever, I guess I needed to search first but I spoke to the guy before travelling there and he seemed to think his description as accurate and that he had everything needed for a sale.
It may be that one mans view on ‘No mechanical fault’ is different to another mans view. Upon opening the door the central locking spazzed out, he fiddled with the key and when it started there’s a whistle and a blowing from the exhaust (manifold front)
That said I left it running and went around the car. As you probably know the red paint is a bit pathetic on these and it showed signs it had been left out for many moons. It was different colours all round, one panel looked so bad it looked replaced. All arches and suspension struts looked good, callipers and pads also decent. Under the hood there were no leaks or signs of ill treatment but as I started to inspect closer to the general upkeep of the car I could see it had a hard life somewhere in the last 10 years. I think at some point this was owned by the right person but it has been neglected at some point.
It still goes and stops like a good’un, so for any of you keen enough on them…he’s willing to let this go for near on 2,000…not the almost three grand Ebay price.

I’ve followed GTO’s for around two years now, looking for the right one. I just need the right owner now, not a moron.

That is very unfortunate mate :joy: have seen that one on eBay and looked good in pictures unfortunately not always the case as I have learnt myself in the past. These cars always need a little tlc if your not spending mega money tbh I paid considerably less for mine that what it’s has now cost double in fact,good luck keep looking :eyes:

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Well done for walking away mate. Can be easy to knock the price down and take it anyway when you have looked forward to it for so long. The right one will come up though. Just need some patience!

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Yes you did the best thing, if it doesnt seam right you walk away. There is some good one around, the right one will show up.


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@CDMH, Craig, mouthwash is a good substitute for being out of alcohol, it is also quite cheap. As I don’t drink, just saying like, you know, just to help you along :joy: :joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


Ok guys, I haven’t given up just yet.
I’ve seen this one on Ebay and wanted to know from the experienced members, is this worth a look?
I would like to make an offer as I believe this maybe a little over priced;


If it’s like it says it is I would say it’s about right price you could easily knock him £500 I would imagine​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: buying cheaper ones only costs more in the end believe me I know :+1:

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If that is as clean and well maintained as the seller is implying then I would say its underpriced. Some do go for £5k+. Usually more on forums than ebay but well worth it if you ask me. If it is as advertised that is!

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seems to be missing a few parts under the engine bay.

Air con pipes, cruise control cover, some modifications to the injector wiring etc. No cam covers.

Personally I’d be paying attention to these problems, why are they like it? If the air con has been partially removed is this to hide a bigger problem etc, there are still some more stockish looking engines knocking around on cars just keep searching.


@gavin_naish well spotted always pays to blow it up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
There is some dodgy looking wires on the drivers side running up from headlight along bulkhead needs a bit of sorting I would say.
Missing a few bits too dunno how window works lol all door cards and rear trim looks blown too

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Well you boys don’t muck about do you? :smile:
Glad i asked anyway, to avoid disappointment. You’ve been a great help and am no considering my options. As i have a budget, stretching to about £3,000 it may be difficult for me to find a decent GTO. Am i right? Would be a shame to miss out on owning one but as you’ve pointed out already, from experience, don’t go for the GT’s that are a little long in the tooth.

I’ll keep an eye out anyway. Thanks to all members who have helped out, too many names to mention!

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