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Hi I am picking up my first gto, tomorrow it’s an na manual car, it’s going to need a lot of love as needs welding, then a good check over to sort its issues out. Will most likely sign up for full membership as will need the technical info, I’m based in kent. No stranger to jap cars needing love, and I do a lot of stuff myself where possible too. Will get some pictures up tomorrow when I get her.


Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Good stuff, male.sure the gearbox is smooth or knock money off

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:


Welcome to the club :+1::+1:

Welcome to the club, you will get all the advice you need on here

Wellcome to GTOUK !

Welcome to the club :+1::+1:

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Well picked her up going to need the tlc as mentioned, main thing being welding then looking at the engine as she seems to be seriously over fuelling and does feel a bit gut less compared to my celica, on foot down from a standstill a lot of unburnt fuel comes out the exhaust, any advice on where to start for that. I am thinking usually things like air flow, spark plugs etc. Here are a few pictures for you, also anyone knows this car I’d appreciate any info.


We kind of know the car , the owner was on here for a couple of weeks before unfortunately earning a ban .

I believe a couple of people may have seen it at a meet

Oh dare I ask why the ban?

All in the past so don’t worry :+1:

It’s something that happens extremely rarely on here it’s a friendly site .

How much welding is required ?

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Mainly this bit now

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Yeh a lot of them rust there. I had similar with my project car. Difficult to tell from the photo but the car doesn’t look to be very well under sealed so a good place to start :+1:


Yeah joys of Japanese imports, need to under seal our other cars too so will do them all at the same time. She’s joined a mixed stable, at the moment I daily a v6 celica, and also have a Mitsubishi Eclipse


I’d forgotten about the eclipse, always admired them but haven’t seen one in many years. Welcome to the club.

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Nice collection and all rare cars :+1::+1:

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Thanks guys and girls, got a couple of niggly issues, one being the over fuelling and two the speedo doesn’t work and nor does the climate control display. With the speedo do these suffer from the solder at the rear of the clocks going? Rev counter works and so does fuel gauge. Going to search the forum threads but if anyone has any ideas let me know it would be very much appreciated

Your car is a 1991 with cable driven speedometer ? As for the climate control display @joe4 can repair these units.

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Possibly speedo converter chip if you have one.
When they go no signal gets through so kills the speedo dial.
Chip is usually on top of gearbox, behind clocks, or just before ecu.
Disconnect it and re join wires.
If it was the issue the speedo will work but now running kilometres.
New converter and delimited chips are around £35.